Can Huskers land Missouri LB?

With Rockhurst standout Michael Rose already committed, Nebraska looks to add another Show Me State linebacker to the fold in Michael Scherer. After making an unofficial visit to Lincoln late last season Scherer already has a solid impression of what the Husker program has to offer. We talk about that and several other topics in this latest update with Big Red Report.

Michael Scherer a junior from Mary Institute high school in St. Louis (MO) had a productive season in 2010. Amassing 85 tackles on defense and rushing for 1,100 yards on offense in 10 games. As a result, offers from around the nation have come his way.

"I think I'm up to eight (offers) now," said Scherer. "I just got one from Michigan State a few days ago. I already had Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Boston College, Stanford, Illinois and Indiana."

At 6-foot3, 235 pounds, Michael goes both ways in high school. But most recruiters say they see him playing on the second level of a D-1 defense some day.

"I play running back and all three linebacker spots in high school. In college, everybody likes me on defense though. Most have said middle (linebacker), but a few think I could play outside too."

And Michael isn't the only standout athlete to come from his household. There seems to be a lot of athletic prowess in the family.

"I have three brothers, one of them played for Pennsylvania and graduated last year. Another one is a freshman at Stanford, he is on the wrestling team. My uncle also played for the University of Pennsylvania, and then my dad played at Illinois State. My dad also had a short stint with the Atlanta Falcons. He got injured though, and that put an end to his pro career."

Going into his senior year, Michael has already made several unofficial visits around the country. One of which was a stop in Lincoln last year when the Huskers took on the Buffaloes for the last time in Big 12 play.

"I've been to a few schools. I went to Stanford over last summer. I've also visited Illinois and Missouri a few times. Then there is Notre Dame, I've been there several times too. I also just visited Boston College about a week ago. I've been to games at Missouri, Notre Dame and Arkansas.

"I was also at the Colorado game last year in Lincoln."

Michael then went on to talk about the contact from Nebraska that led to that visit.

"Before I went to Lincoln, during my season, I was getting a lot of mail from Nebraska. Then I got an email from one of the coaches saying they wanted me to come down to a game. So me and my dad went down there and had a long talk with coach Ekeler, who is now at Indiana.

"Me and my dad got to see a great game. Their facilities are so nice. So far, they're the best I've ever seen. They took us around to all the academic centers and showed us all the academic support the players get.

"My dad said he loved that and the way they had everything set up. He said he thought these people really know what they're doing and have a great system set up.

"I can also tell you this, I haven't been to every school in the country, but I've never seen the fans go so crazy for the defense like they do at Nebraska.

"That was something that was very attractive to me. You could tell the people in the stands really love their football. I've been trying to get in contact with their recruiting coordinator, he just sent me an email the other day. He said he wanted to talk to me about the new coaching staff and everything."

Michael said he really hasn't narrowed his list, and is giving some thought to playing close to home. But with a brother at Stanford, moving across the country isn't out of the question either.

"I can't say I really have an order or really a top five. But me and my dad have kind of talked about the good and bad of each school and whatnot. I don't want to say I'm a local kid, but staying close so he can see me play would be nice. So schools like Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri have that advantage there. But schools like Stanford offer a good education and I could be close to one of my brothers on the west coast.

"Then you have a school like Boston College, with a coaching staff I've gotten close with and the school is in a great city. Other places like Michigan State I haven't even seen yet. There is just a lot to think about."

Michael also said the recent move by Nebraska to the Big Ten was a positive on a couple levels.

"Here is the deal with that, it makes me like Nebraska more honestly. It's actually a huge plus by Nebraska moving to the Big Ten. It doesn't have a lot to do with the conference as a whole. The fact is when I visited there for the Colorado game Nebraska used one linebacker, and I was like whoa. But now moving to the Big Ten, they've talked about using more (linebackers) in their system. Try to be a more traditional run-stopping defense. That means more room for playing time and more opportunities for me to see the field.

"If they would have stayed in the Big 12, the chances of me considering them would have been real low. Now I see them as one of my top schools."

And don't look for an early commitment, as Michael wants to take a few official visits before pulling the trigger.

"I don't see myself committing over the summer. It's too much of an important decision, too hard of a decision right now for me to make. I would like to take some official visits, where I don't know yet. But I will make my decision before the signing date.

"So like maybe early in my season or in the middle would be a good time. That way I can have it over with and not have that extra weight on my shoulders."

Lastly, he talked about the thought process that goes into a decision like this and some of the things he'll consider before making a commitment.

"First thing would definitely be the relationship with the coaching staff and the people in the program I'll be surrounded by. Like the head coach, d-coordinator and the linebacker coach. That will be what is most important to me.

"Then the educational aspect will be important. The support system that comes with that and the whole academic setup you know? After that I would say the city itself and can I be comfortable there for four or five years. I want a good college experience.

"I also, like many players, dream of playing in the NFL. Some people may not have that as a goal and that's fine, but I do. That is probably the biggest goal of mine, and I want a coaching staff that can help me get there."

Look for more updates later this year on Michael Scherer from Big Red Report, as we continue to follow his recruitment.

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