First offer for Moss

Dinero Moss, a defensive back prospect out of Sunrise (FL), received his first offer from Nebraska a short time ago. And with more offers potentially on the way for the Florida standout, Dinero says getting the offer from the Huskers came as a big surprise. We discuss his recruitment and more, in this latest update with Big Red Report.

At 6-foot, 185 pounds, Dinero Moss possesses the ideal size many college recruiters looks for at the cornerback position. But according to Dinero, he can play any spot in the secondary.

"I can play corner or safety, whatever you want. You want me to lock down the best receiver, let's go. You need me to help against the run by making tackles, I can do that too. My coach said I tackle like a linebacker. I led the team in tackles from the cornerback spot. I feel like I can help out a defense a lot with my versatility.

"Most of the colleges looking at me have said corner, but all have said defensive back (corner or safety)."

What were your stats from last year? You have any times in the 100 meter or forty yard dash?

"I had 83 tackles and four interceptions. We keep track of pass breakups too, I had 11. I ran the 100 meter last year, I ran an 11.1. My forty time is a 4.48."

Dinero also learned a very important lesson last year, you always have to keep your cool on the field, no matter what.

"I didn't really even get to play in our last game. I got ejected at the start of our last game of the season. After the play was over and the whistle was blown this guard for the other team came around and hit me in the back. So I got up off the ground and pushed him back and they kicked me out. The ref said he didn't see the other guy hit me, just what I did.

"I felt like I let all my teammates down, even my family. I have to keep my composure next time. I promised everybody it won't ever happen again."

You could also say he is somewhat new to the game of football. And if not for the encouragement of a few close friends, he might have never reached his potential.

"I've only been playing football for a couple of years, since the ninth grade. Before that, I would always be playing in the streets and in the park, and people would be telling me I need to go tryout for the team at school.

"I always wanted to play organized football, but since I hadn't been playing since I was a little kid like everybody else, I didn't think I was good enough. But then all my homeboys started getting on me hard about playing, telling me how good I am and that I need to use my talents.

"So then I went and tried out and did really good, and the coaches were all like ‘we gotta have this guy'. Couple years later and here I am."

Now it's paying dividends, with several major programs now giving him a look.

"I get a lot of mail from colleges. Miami, Nebraska, USF, UCLA, Ole Miss, Texas Tech, Illinois and Indiana probably send me the most. Most of them have said they plan to offer me pretty soon."

Dinero said his first offer came a short time ago, but he wasn't sure exactly when. And at this time, he has limited knowledge about the Husker program.

"I was talking to one of my coaches at the 7-on-7 tournament last weekend, and he congratulated me on my first offer from Nebraska. I didn't even know about it, I guess he talked to one of the coaches from Nebraska. Then some lady from one of the elite scouting services came up to me and said I had that offer too.

"I had been talking a lot to one of the (Nebraska) coaches on Facebook, but I didn't know about the offer. I really don't know much about the school yet, other than they have a real solid program. I honestly haven't been spending a lot of time on my recruitment lately."

But he also has a pretty good reason for not being on top of his recruitment at this stage, as Dinero works every day after school.

"I'm at work now, but it's all good, we can still talk. I'm on my lunch break. I work here at McDonalds until about 10:30 at night, so I don't even get home until around 11. Usually I just go to sleep because I'm tired. But once my football season and practice starts back up next year I won't work here anymore, it's just for right now."

Once the written offers start rolling in, Dinero plans to take his recruitment a little more seriously.

"I've talked to a few guys who have been through this (recruiting process). They said verbal offers are nice, but until you get them in the mail it really doesn't mean much. Once they start coming in the mail, I'll start focusing more on each of the schools more."

And after taking a couple official visits later this year, he'll pull the trigger when he finds a program that fits his criteria.  

"I may hit a few local camps this summer, but I'll wait and take my official visits later in the fall. I'm new to all this and I need to see the schools up-close before I make a commitment. I can't just commit somewhere before knowing what the school is all about."

What will you be looking for on your visits?

"I just want to go somewhere that will make me better as a person and a player. A winning program would be nice, and somewhere I can get a good degree. There are other things to think about, but that's mostly what's on my mind. I'm not just there for football, I need to get a good education too.

"I'll probably major in Criminal Justice."

He also said leaving home for college would be a welcomed change of scenery.

"I'm ready to go, see something new. I would love to leave here you know? To get away from all the distractions down here would be really nice. I think I could stay a lot more focused if I'm far away where I don't know a lot of people, I can stay focused on what I came there to do. Get my education and play great football for my school."

Dinero also has a twin brother named Dineko, who will be playing his first year of high school football. And his mother ran track in college for Minnesota State several years ago, where see was a sprinter. Look for more updates from Big Red Report on Dinero Moss this year as his recruitment progresses.

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