Huskers after Georgia LB

It's been a while for Nebraska to get a recruit out of the state of Georgia, but they are trying their hand again in 2011. The Nebraska staff has extended an offer to standout linebacker Markuss Eligwe who is holding offers from some of the nation's best programs. What is Eligwe looking for in a school and can Nebraska get him to visit?

Markuss Eligwe from Stone Mountain (Ga.) is a 6-foot-3 and 210-pound monster at the linebacker position that also runs track. He's running a few events and working out with a trainer. He's anxious to get back into the weight room though.

"I am running track," Eligwe said. "I do the 4x100 on the B team and I run the 300m and 110m hurdles. I have also been working with a personal trainer and I am looking forward to getting back into the weight room."

Eligwe wants to pins his ears back a little more this year. He wants to play responsibly like he has in the past, but get more violent at the linebacker position making big hits.

"I wanted to be better at just knocking the heck out of people. I wanted to be a secure, reliable tackler this year so next year I want to really get after people and make some big hits. I just want to knock some people out.

"I would like to use my hands better next year. I would like to get them up quicker and use them better when it comes to getting off of blocks. They were just a little slow and they can be better."

Eligwe is being looked at to play both inside and outside linebacker positions in college, but he definitely prefers one. He likes have equal amounts of ground on either side of him and likes pursuing inside out.

"I play more inside linebacker, but I am being told that the colleges like me as an outside linebacker. Some teams do see me as inside or outside and I like the middle more because I am equilateral to both sides."

From the middle linebacker spot there really isn't a place that Eligwe had to get to that he failed to do. He runs down running backs and beats them to the angle. He is always going 100 miles per hour.

"I can just cover ground fast from the middle of the field. I really don't remember any running backs beating me to an angle. When I come downhill I can still read, recognize plays very fast and make plays."

There is a double-digit offer total on the table for Eligwe and more are sure to follow. He's really looking for a school with a great combination of academics and football that offers his major.

"I have 17 offers. I have some favorites. I would say Florida State, Auburn, Florida, Georgia and Virginia Tech are my favorites. I am really looking for a school that can offer me the best education and football situation. I want to major in criminology.

"Distance isn't a big deal to me. I don't get home sick at all. I really wouldn't mind moving away to have to go to school. It's not really something that plays into my decision at all."

It's been a while since Nebraska has landed a recruit from Nebraska. The last one, Alphonzo Dennard, hailed from Rochelle (Ga.) Wilcox County and is projected as one of the top cornerbacks in the 2012 NFL draft.

"I really don't have a good feel for Nebraska. I am going to start sitting down and learning more about these schools. They are a good school though."

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