The first big scrimmage of the Spring

The Huskers went inside Memorial Stadium for the first time this year as they went at it for two hours in a scrimmage consisting of an estimated 120 plays. Check out the notes from today's practice as well as the audio from post as Head Coach Bo Pelini talked about the good, the bad and everything else from today.

The team went full pads today for what Head Coach Bo Pelini estimated as a two-hour scrimmage consisting of around 120 plays. "it was a good go. Got everybody in there (and) got a pretty good evaluation of where we are," Pelini said.

On the new offense, he said they are making progress in areas. "I saw some good things. I thought he were sloppy at times. We bought the ball on the ground a couple times," he said. On the ball security issues which plagued the Huskers so much last year as they were one of the worst teams in the FBS in fumbles lost, Pelini said what he saw today was basically due to exchanges and some fundamentals. "Actually, when we are carrying the ball it hasn't been bad. We have had a few exchange issues," he said. "Really, more technique and fundamental things that really have to do with what we are doing offensively. (But) Until you don't have any fumbling, you still have issues. It's something we are emphasizing and seeing some progress, but we have a long way to go in that area."

On the injury front, outside of those already known, Bo said that junior cornerback Jase Dean got dinged up a bit, but he wasn't certain as to the exact nature of it, but didn't believe it to be anything long term.

On the newcomers Bo didn't have too much to say outside of the obvious in that they have a lot to learn. But he did seem very impressed with Tyler Moore as far as his potential, and he seemed to be fairly positive about the early returns on moving freshman quarterback Jamal Turner to receiver and senior wide receiver Curenski Gilleylen to running back.

One interesting note is that on Mike Marrow, the son of G.A. Vince Marrow and former fullback with Alabama, may have enrolled, but in regard to his future playing for the football team, Bo said he had no idea what the reporter was talking about. If Mike Marrow is transferring to Nebraska to play football, "It's news to me," Bo said.

Bo seemed to be genuinely concerned about the depth at linebacker, basically stating they had no one other than the first unit which consists of Sean Fisher and Will Compton, both juniors this year, as well as Lavonte David who is in his last year with the team. Of the players competing for back up spots, which includes junior Micah Kreikemeier (Jr), Matt May (Sr), Graham Stoddard (Jr) and Alonzo Whaley (Jr), among others, Pelini said they are going to have to "step up" and become the depth that he didn't believe they had at all right now. "Our guys have to practice with a sense of urgency to get better," he said.

Additional Note: Someone had asked earlier in the week about Yusef Wade, who was injured during his first day as a running back. Wade continues to be out of practice, and it's unclear whether he'll return for the Spring.

Pelini also sat out junior running back Rex Burkhead, but not due to an injury. He said that they wanted to see what they had in the rest of the running backs, so they let Rex sit this one out.

Check out the full post practice audio with the Head Coach

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