The more things change…

Let's just say it now…the Big 10 conference is upon the Husker faithful. When Nebraska finishes up the scholastic year for 2010-2011 and opens up football camp in Fall the new affiliation with the Big 10 will officially begin. That said, one of the big bonuses to Nebraska fans was coverage on the Big 10 network. So why would Nebraska decline coverage from the Big 10 Network for the spring game?

It's a no go for Husker fans and the annual Red-White game being televised. It's not like there weren't opportunities either. Nebraska was offered by the Big 10 Network to broadcast the game, but Nebraska declined.

"Probably because we think it would affect our attendance, " Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne told the Lincoln Journal-Star. "And if you are doing a lot of different things offensively and defensively, you don't necessarily want to put it out there where somebody could make a copy of it and work on you over the summer."

Affecting attendance isn't something that Nebraska should have to worry about barring a mid-April blizzard taking place. The spring game is going to "sell out" now, as it has ever since it became a phenomena five or so years ago.

Common knowledge says that general admission for a Nebraska game in the fall usually isn't face value on the ticket. Depending on the opponent, how the tickets are acquired, etc. taking the family to a Nebraska football game simply isn't economical for some.

The spring game is.

More than that, the promise of the Big 10 Network meant just as much, and probably more, to the Husker faithful that simply cannot travel back to Nebraska because of cost, distance, scheduling problems, etc. The Big 10 network has been pitched to recruits to bridge distance to Nebraska from the recruits' hometown, but how about something for the fans? How about the spring game?

As for a new offense, some personnel shifts that Nebraska has made and just doing different things on the field that is just fact this year. Nebraska has a new offensive coordinator and a number of new assistant coaches on both sides of the ball. Will Nebraska not televising the game stop teams from using the spring game as a chance to gather information on Nebraska?

I mean, all that the university has done every day is release videos that at least show some things that differ from last year to what they are trying to do this year on YouTube. More than that, I will bet no less than half of the Big 10 teams have some sort of a representative in the stands when Nebraska takes the field for the Red-White game.

So maybe on the surface the decision and the reasons behind it will make the questions and disappointment go away about Nebraska deciding not to televise the game. A good compromise might have been a tape delay to remove any play that Nebraska might want to really keep secret. Or here's an idea, if there are one or two plays that you don't want anyone to know about don't uncork them until September.

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