Davis has Nebraska ties

It never hurts to have ties to a recruit, especially one as talented as Noor Davis. Davis is a standout outside linebacker from The Villages (Flor.) who is already holding onto over 20 offers from teams all over the country. One of those teams is Nebraska and the Huskers have some ties, as well as a strong recruiting effort, that is influencing Davis to take a closer look.

At 6-foot-4 and 225-pounds, Noor Davis from The Villages (Flor.) is a force to be reckoned with on the football field. This spring through has been about staying strong in all areas getting ready for football to come back around.

"The spring is going good," Davis said. "I have been staying busy; staying strong in the classroom. I am getting ready for spring football which starts on May 2nd."

Davis is busy playing another sport and on the weekends, which is downtime, he's working out with his dad and other players getting ready for spring ball to start.

"I play baseball and on the weekends my dad and I try and get some of the guys together to work out. We went out and threw this past weekend and we lift, run and work out together."

If you watch Davis on film you won't see a lot of faults in his game. Neither does he and he's not being cocky. He just knows that everything can be improved and he works to do that every day.

"I really don't think that I have too many weaknesses, personally, but I do think that one of my weaknesses is how to go about refining my strengths. I feel like there is always room for improvement. I don't think that I am 100% perfect.

"I think that you can always get faster and stronger. I think that there is a way to opening your hips a little quicker. I think that you can become a better tackler or a hitter. I can always perfect something a little more to give myself a little more of an advantage."

At 6-foot-4 and 225-pounds Davis might be a defensive end in waiting, but he does play outside linebacker now. Only one school has really spoken with him about playing defensive end while the others like him right where he is right now.

"I play outside linebacker now and out of my 22 offers there is only one that wants me to play defensive end and that's Boston College. I think that I have good size, versatility, I can cover ground, cover the tight end and really the way that I rush the passer.

"A lot of the schools really want me because of the way that I get after and harass the quarterback. That is really what I enjoy the most about playing outside linebacker."

It's very early in the process and Davis hasn't started to trim his list. He's focused on the now and won't really think about his list until summer comes around.

"I haven't thought about my favorites at all. My parents really want me to focus on my academics and my athletics. I am really going to focus on being a high school kid and I will narrow things down over the summer."

The academic part of the decision is big for Davis. He plans on getting his masters degree at some point. He is also looking to see how his skills fit into what a college team is trying to do on the field.

"I am really looking at academics in my decision. My parents pride me on being a student first and an athlete second. They push me hard in the classroom. Life is so competitive and I am looking to get a masters at some point. I am also looking at the team and the fit when it comes to me in the scheme."

Davis isn't caught up on staying close to home because he's not originally from Florida. He's lived in California and Washington D.C. before Florida although he does consider himself to be a Floridian.

"Not really because I am not originally from Florida. I haven't grown up following any in-state team here in Florida. I have no problem staying in state or leaving the state to go to school."

The Huskers are fortunate enough to have a couple of strong ties back to Davis. Davis has a relative that plays for the team currently and a father of a player is in the same line of work as Davis' father.

"Josh Mitchell is a relative and I consider him to kind of be like an uncle. Josh's dad is really my dad's cousin. We stay in touch all the time and he wants me to come to Nebraska to see what he's been bragging about.

"My dad and Rex Burkhead's father know each other through work. I have never met either one of them before. My dad has a very good relationship with Rex's dad."

The influence by Josh Mitchell and a family friend has Davis at least thinking that a visit to Nebraska is going to be necessary. He also thinks that Nebraska has done a good job recruiting him and thinks that Nebraska has fine defensive coaches.

"It gives me more of an influence to get out there and take a visit. I want to see what I had been hearing about from them. Nebraska is a great school, has great history, has excellent players from the past to the present and Coach Ross Els has done a great job recruiting me. Both Bo Pelini and Carl Pelini are excellent coaches."

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