Huskers looking at in-state product

Jake Schany isn't a real well known Midwest product, but he should be. Schany is a vice grip when it comes to tackling. He is physical as well and can hurt you with his big hits. He has the size that you really look for in a middle linebacker. From C-gap to C-gap he is a natural in the box. So, does he think that a Nebraska offer is on its way?

Jake Schany is heading back to Nebraska for the spring game this weekend. Schany took in a spring game practice and also a position meeting with the linebackers that gave him a very good chance to meet with the new position coach.

"I visited Nebraska for a spring practice," Schany said. "I thought the practice was well-run, efficient. I also sat in on a position meeting for the linebackers.

"Coach Ross Els really seemed to know what he was talking about in the position meeting. He really seems to know a lot about the game. We also spoke after practice."

Schany might be in the right place at the right time. The move for Nebraska to the Big 10 might spell out the need for bigger linebackers to some extent. Schany at 6-foot-2 and 210-pounds fits that bill.

"Now that Nebraska has moved the Big 10 I think that Nebraska needs guys more like me to play middle linebacker. There is a need to really stop the run between the tackles."

There is potential for Schany to play either inside or outside at the next level. However, he probably better fits those interior linebacker positions even though he will play where he's asked.

"I think that I could play MIKE or even SAM. I have told schools that I will play any place the team needs me. I think that I am better suited to play that inside position."

There is already one offer on the table for Schany already, but another might be close. Schany says that it might just take a one day camp at a Big 12 school to get that second offer.

"I am holding an offer from Colorado. I think that Iowa State is close to offering me. I went there for a visit and they told me that they like how I play, but they want to see me at a camp."

The Nebraska staff is definitely interested in Schany and Schany knows the score. He knows that there isn't another in-state player with an offer yet and all it might take to get an offer is a good performance at camp.

"Barney Cotton and Coach Els both came up to me and told me that they really liked me. They just aren't sure if they are ready to offer. They want to see me at camp again this summer to further evaluate me.

"I think that they like me and I know that they haven't offered any other in-state guys. They might be close to offering Mike Schoff, but he still doesn't have an offer. I think that they just want to see us at camp."

Schany acknowledges that the Nebraska offer might be a bit of a dream come true for him. He grew up a Husker fan, but he knows that if he doesn't get that offer that he is already holding a comparable offer and more will surely come.

"I think that it was always a dream to grow up a Nebraska fan to go there and play there. I also think that if they are not willing to offer me that I can go to another school that compares to Nebraska."

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