Andersen attends spring game

James Andersen has been to Nebraska a couple of times this year now with the latest time being the spring game. James was early to get to Lincoln and early to leave because of a lacrosse match, but he had a good chance to evaluate the Huskers this spring. What were his thoughts?

James Andersen got to Lincoln early so he could leave a little early. Andersen has to compete tonight in lacrosse and had to make it back to Omaha in time to get ready.

"I am back home already," Andersen said. "We had to leave at halftime. I had to get home because we have a lacrosse game tonight. We got there early this morning.

"We got there about 9:45 or so. After we signed in we took a tour around the facilities like junior day but no coaches were involved since they were getting ready to play."

There wasn't a lot of time for the recruits to meet with the coaches, but Andersen did get to speak with the offensive line position coach before he went into a meeting.

"I spoke to Coach Barney Cotton for a little bit. We spoke for a few minutes, but he had to get back to the team meeting that they had going on."

Andersen was on the field for the pre-game and made his way back into the stands for the tunnel walk. The 2011 signees came through the tunnel walk ahead of the team today.

"I was down on the field for the pre-game and when they were heading back into the locker room we went to our seats. The kids that signed last year walked out ahead of the team during the tunnel walk."

Andersen didn't get a chance to look at the Huskers too much today since he left at half, but he came away impressed. He thought that the new offense got the players in place to make plays.

"Honestly, they look good. You have to put into perspective that they have only had three weeks to learn the offense and not everything was going to be perfect.

"I thought that they looked good. The new offense is putting the players in the right places to make plays. I thought that they looked pretty good for a team after just one spring."

It seems that Andersen will be back in Lincoln in June for football camp, but he hasn't registered yet. He is registered for three other camps though.

"I haven't registered for Nebraska yet, but I have registered for Iowa, Kansas and Iowa State to go to their camp. I will probably just go for one day down to Lincoln, but I don't know during which session."

Andersen admitted that one team might be close to offering. "I think that South Dakota State is getting pretty close to offering. I have been there the most times out of all the schools recruiting me at the moment."

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