Wolfe enjoys spring game

If there was something that Kai Wolfe really liked about the game in Lincoln today it was that Nebraska is really dedicating them selves to running the football; 71 combined rushing attempts. That's a part of Wolfe's game that he thinks that he does well and it now makes Nebraska that much more attractive.

Kai Wolfe is a player that is getting some pretty good recruiting attention. The 6-foot-5 and 305-pound Wolfe from Alma (Nebr.) is on his way back home after seeing the spring game.

"We got here about 9:45," Wolfe said. "We walked pretty much right through the middle of campus to Hawks. We went on a tour and saw all of the facilities."

There wasn't a lot of face time with the position coaches today because it was a game day. However Wolfe did get a chance to meet with the recruiting coach.

"Coach Barney Cotton was by to see me when we were having lunch. He was in there talking to Mike Schoff and another guy then he stopped by to see me and he was off to meetings.

"Coach Bo Pelini came out to talk to all of the recruits and we Tom Osborne spoke to all of us and that was really cool. We went into the stadium and were on the sidelines for pregame. I was right by the offensive lineman during warm ups."

Wolfe came away impressed with Nebraska's efforts to run the football on offense because that suits his abilities. He also said that he defense looked like it would be solid this fall.

"They looked really good running the football. To me that is appealing because I like to run-block mostly and it looks like that is what they are going to focus on this year.

"There were some stupid turnovers, but it's early and they will get that corrected. The defense looked fast. They looked really good. They will be stellar."

Wolfe isn't 100% sure if Nebraska is looking at him to play offensive line or defensive line. He will talk to his recruiting coach about that. "I don't know for sure. I think that they are looking for me on offense, but I haven't spoken to Coach Barney Cotton yet about that."

There is at least one more time that Wolfe will see Nebraska this spring/summer. He is also going to be getting out to see some surrounding schools for spring games and camps in the coming weeks.

"I am going back to Lincoln for a one day camp on June 8th. I am either going to the spring game at Kansas State on the 30th or we are going to Kansas. I would go to Kansas instead.

"I was also invited to see North Dakota State for their game, but it's on the 30th. Stanford asked me to come to either a spring practice or game, but we won't be able to make it out to California.

"I will be at the Kansas camp and I will probably go to the Kansas State camp. I am also going to the Football University camp in Denver. I was invited to camp in Miami (Flor.), but I won't be able to make that and to Stanford as well."

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