Shoff visits Lincoln

There were a lot of in-state players in Lincoln this weekend for the annual Red-White spring game at Nebraska including Mike Shoff from Cambridge (Nebr.). The Huskers haven't offered any in-state players yet, but it's clear that after the summer camps that there could be some offers. Shoff is one of those players that projects to get one and he liked what he saw in Lincoln today.

Offensive line recruit Mike Shoff from Cambridge (Nebr.) was heading back home, but he was still thinking about the spring game. Spring football isn't something that he gets to experience yet and it had the juices flowing.

"We are actually on the road," Shoff said. "I thought that the spring game was awesome. We aren't like Texas so we don't get spring practices and games in high school so it gets you pumped up."

The Nebraska staff look determined to run the football after they did pound the rock a combined 71 times today in the spring game. That is definitely something that caught Shoff's eye.

"I thought that it was pretty awesome. A lot of people focus on the running backs when it comes to the running game and of course I watch the lineman to see what they are doing.

"I kind of liked what the line was doing. There was a lot of zone read stuff and they also did a lot of man blocking. That is what I have done all the way through high school. I am used to run-blocking.

"When I spoke to the coaches before the game they said that things today would be vanilla because they didn't want to show anything and also because they hadn't been running the offense very long."

Shoff said that he was able to catch up with the two offensive line coaches while he was in Lincoln today and got in some good one on one time with them.

"I did catch some time with Coach Barney Cotton. While Coach Bo Pelini and Tom Osborne were speaking I had five minutes of time with Coach Cotton.

"After I got done talking with Coach Cotton I got 10 minutes or so with Coach John Garrison. I got a lot of good one on one time with the two offensive line coaches."

There weren't a lot of new things today in conversations with the Nebraska staff. The staff still wants Shoff to come for summer camp and they did cover how well they had heard Shoff has looked in track.

"Nebraska is telling me the same thing although we didn't really get in-depth about scholarship talk. They want to see me in camp and see me prove how good I am.

"They know that my leg is better and they heard that I was running track. I am running on the 4x100m relay team and doing the open 100m. I ran an 11.9 at 292-pounds."

Shoff has his time set for the Nebraska summer camp and will be in Lincoln for three days. He will be heading to at least two other schools for one day camps a piece.

"I will be going to the first session at Nebraska from June 7th through June 9th. I will be there for all three days. I will be going to Kansas State on June 12th and to Iowa on the 19th for one day camps."

Those are all of the plans that Shoff has for now and for a good reason. He is focusing a lot of his attention on track because he ranks right at the top for both shot put and discus.

"I think that is it for now. I am sitting about first or second in shot and discus and I want to focus on winning the state title there and then I will flip the focus back onto football about the end of May."

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