Thurston visits Nebraska

One of the offered recruits that were in attendance this weekend for the Nebraska spring game was Paul Thurston. Thurston an offensive line recruit from Colorado was one of three known recruits in Lincoln this weekend that already had an offer from Nebraska. What were his thoughts about the game and Lincoln?

Paul Thurston was in Lincoln this weekend as one of just a few offered recruits. Thurston got a chance to meet with some college professors, the strength and conditioning coach and some of the Nebraska staff before the spring game today.

"We got here last night around 7:00," Thurston said. "It was really great. They got me in to talk to some professors and I got to meet with the strength and conditioning coach.

"I also got some time with Coach Barney Cotton and of course they took me around to see the facilities. I pretty much got to see everything. I also got about 20 minutes with Coach Bo Pelini."

The Nebraska staff says that they could see Thurston out at tackle, but the head coach said that in the new offense that Thurston might be a better fit as a guard.

"They said that with my athleticism and arm length that they could see me playing tackle. Then Bo Pelini said that they really like me as a guard in their new offense. From what they were saying it sounds pretty exciting."

Thurston came away very impressed with the facilities at Nebraska and said that they really don't get a lot better. "Their facilities are state of the art. You can't get a lot better than what Nebraska was showing me. Their facilities are really nice."

This was the first time that Thurston had a chance to see the tunnel walk and that was one thing about the weekend that stood out to him. "It was pretty cool. That was definitely something that stood out to me. That was really great to see."

The Nebraska squads ran the ball a combined 71 times. Thurston likes the idea of being part of a run-first offense and he prides himself on blocking people into the ground.

"That is something that I like doing. I like pushing people in the ground. I like the fact that they are a physical team up-front. That is what I like."

The offense is coming together still in Lincoln and admittedly the Nebraska staff weren't going to show a lot. Still from what Thurston said he saw he came away impressed.

"I liked the offense. It's definitely something that I could see myself fitting in even though they didn't show a lot. From what I saw though, I can see myself in it."

Thurston was at a spring game the week before and he has plans to see at least two other schools in the coming weeks. He would also like to add a couple of others after that as well.

"I was at Colorado for their spring game last weekend. The only other things that I have set for sure would be going to Oregon in a couple of weeks and to Michigan after that. I would like to get out to Stanford and Notre Dame too."

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