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Nebraska has been searching for an answer for a "big back" all spring. The Husker staff has eyed the current roster for backs with size and has challenged current players. That's where Mike Marrow comes in. Marrow was a 2009 signee of Alabama; a three-star fullback with a running back pedigree. Marrow visited Nebraska last weekend and planned to transfer to Lincoln shortly after that.

It was a good weekend for Nebraska to bring in Mike Marrow. Marrow, a 6-foot-2 and 235-pound running back/fullback, was most recently on the Eastern Michigan roster, but originally signed with Alabama in 2009 as a three-star fullback from Toledo (Ohio) Central Catholic.

Marrow though is looking to move again and Nebraska was going to get a look for Marrow. While in Lincoln last weekend Marrow said that there were many similarities between Nebraska and Alabama that he noticed. The first one was the fans.

"Mainly it was how the fans were and the atmosphere at the spring game," Marrow said. "The fans just showed so much love for the team and it's like I was telling other people it reminded me of Alabama.

"At Alabama there aren't any pro teams just like at Nebraska. Those fans then are behind their college team. I really liked how the fans were into the game and into the team."

There were other similarities as well. Another that Marrow picked up on was a pre-game ritual. At Alabama it's before the players enter the stadium and at Nebraska's before the players run onto the field.

"What is also similar to Alabama was at Alabama there was what is called the walk of champions when we walk through the crowd in suits to go to the stadium.

"Then at Nebraska they have the tunnel walk when they are coming out of the locker room coming out to the field in their uniforms before the game starts."

While Marrow was in Lincoln last weekend he had a chance to talk to some other players. These players could potentially see their number of carries go down with a player like Marrow around, but they were still encouraging him to come to Lincoln.

"Rex Burkhead and Tyler Legate were talking to me on the sideline during the game telling me how great it would be to have me be part of the team. They said that they could use my help.

"I watched how the fullbacks got the ball and how they produced in the spring game and I know that I can help out. I also know that they like me in some running back roles so I can help there too."

Between Burkhead and Legate trying to convince Marrow to come he saw the bigger picture. There is a strong desire by this team to get better. Even if it means sharing the ball with another player a little bit.

"That shows me a lot. It shows me that no one is selfish or bigger than the team. They want what's best for the team and want to win. That really showed me a lot.

"Tyler was also telling me that if I came there that he would help me out and that he wasn't selfish when it came to helping other people out. He said I can also help him out and split that load.

"He's a diehard Husker at heart. He just knew that it was better for the team for me to be part of that and that I can also help him. I think that is pretty neat how you have two starters tell me they want me to come in and help out."

And there is more than just a need at fullback for Nebraska. All spring the effort by Coach Ron Brown has been to find a big back that is currently on the team. Marrow says he carries that fullback tag with him, but he's more than just a fullback.

"I did play tailback in high school so I am not just a stiff fullback that can't cut it. Because I am bigger though I can block and take on those bigger players.

"When it's third down, the game is on the line and they need that first down I like having that pressure on me. I try not to the first guy bring me down or if they need a block I get it."

Marrow sees both the fullback position and the big running type of player as part of the successful teams in the Big 10. He comes from Big 10 country and he has seen players in recent years that look more like him than not go on to be successful.

"Being from Columbus, Ohio I see that need for a back to be bigger to be successful in the Big 10. You look at all the big backs at Wisconsin, Marion Barber at Minnesota, Michael Leshoure and Rashard Mendenhall from Illinois.

"There are some bigger sized guys that are lining up at running back in the Big 10 and they can have success. Nebraska just doesn't have a guy that looks like that right now on their roster."

Another reason Nebraska was such a fit for Marrow was the addition of his father to the coaching staff at Nebraska. Mike and his father have a strong relationship and Mike gives his dad all the credit when it comes to him as a player.

"My dad has been a big part of my life through football. Ever since the time that I started playing he has been there coaching me. My dad has taught me everything I know.

"He's worked with me at every level to make me better. He's pushed me to be a better player and to get me to play harder. I feel like it's a very good thing for me when it comes to being there."

While Marrow knows where he wants to go to school its now a question of when and how. He will talk to his father about some of those details today and over Easter weekend.

"I am not taking anymore visits. I am done with finals at Eastern Michigan and I will be talking to my dad today. We will talk about the plan. I am going to go early to get working out and get to know the town.

"I am going to be up there before the players come back. The players get a break, but I won't. I will be up there getting ready while they are gone."

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