Kirby Taking His Time, Weighing His Options

Raphael Kirby says there's no rush when it comes to making his decision. He likes all his options and, after a visit to North Carolina last week, has an option in his top schools that surprised him a little. Kirby says that's what it's all about: giving every school a fair chance and going into visits with an open mind. Find out more from Kirby below:

Raphael Kirby says he didn't know what to expect from North Carolina. He says he was pleasantly surprised by everything on his UNC visit and now places the Tar Heels in his list of top schools.

"To be honest I didn't expect North Carolina to look like that. I was shocked. We took a tour of the whole campus and it was so nice. It's not as spread out as others. They are also one of the top schools in the country in my major. I want to major in business."

For Kirby, academics will be important. He says Florida is another program that attracts him partially for football and partially for UF's Warrington College of Business.

"Florida's real nice and their business school is great too. I have a good relationship with coach Durkin there and I just like the whole vibe a lot. The vibe is tremendous. They were the first to offer me too so that means a lot. Mike (Davis) and Jafar (Mann) are committed there and they talk to me about it. It's mostly Mike that tells me I should be a Gator. He's more outgoing than Jafar. I'm just still weighing my options, though."

Another option is LSU. Kirby says he's always liked the Tigers...even as a kid.

"I haven't visited yet but I've always liked LSU for some reason. I just like them. I have to get down there and check them out really soon. I have a great relationship with coach Chavis, the defensive coordinator there."

Sticking with the SEC, Kirby is getting ample attention from South Carolina. He says it means a lot to talk to coaches as much as he talks to South Carolina.

"I have a great relationship with them. They are really recruiting me hard. They came by my school this week to speak to me and it was really good to hear from them. They say I'm the number on linebacker on their board right now. I visited for a spring practice and enjoyed myself."

Kirby also took a visit to Vanderbilt during the spring. He says he was very impressed by the attitudes of every Vandy coach and player.

"They are rebuilding right now but they are still all fired up and in good spirits. They are recruiting hard. It's great to see."

Kirby isn't just looking to go to school in the ACC or SEC, however. He's getting attention from schools all over the country and one on the west coast is really impressing him.

"Southern California is a school I want to visit. They offered me not too long ago and I might take a trip out there. I have a good relationship with the coaches. They actually called me at 6 AM which is 3 AM their time to let me know they really want me. Their coaches are fired up and I want to see the school for myself."

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