Raymond offers Hope

Nebraska secondary coach Corey Raymond has been putting his time in with American Senior (FL) junior Larry Hope. Now, with an offer on the table, will the Sunshine State product be visiting? Get the answers inside!

American Senior (FL) high school junior cornerback Larry Hope has a few offers, with everybody still in strong consideration, and now Hope is reporting a new offer. This time from Nebraska.

Hope is quickly becoming a hot commodity in the Sunshine State
"Yeah they offered me," said Hope in a message to Scout.com over the weekend. "I'm going to be visiting this summer. Coach Raymond is the one recruiting me. He's really cool. We talk almost on a daily basis. We hardly even talk about football, because he says he knows I'm a good player. We talk about everything, like other sports. We talked about the NCAA tourney a lot. He's a really cool guy and easy to talk with. He's like your best friend."

After a 46 tackle, three interceptions season in 2010, Hope (6-foot-0, 165 pounds) has also yielded offers from USF, Wisconsin, Buffalo, and Kansas, with his interest still set on Florida. He's also hearing from Bowling Green and West Virginia.

"I'm looking for a family bond and a place that can get the best of my ability at the next level as a corner. I also want a coach that is like a dad over me, like my dad is to me," said Hope. "I'm taking it slow and being patient. I'm weighing my options and going over everything with my dad, trying to find out what is best for me. First thing is first; I'm trying to get bonds with my coaches to see what type of people they are."

While the junior does admit he has done little research to this point on Nebraska, he is planning on sitting in front of the computer in the coming days to learn more about what it's like to play in Lincoln.

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