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After landing Todd Peat in the 2011 class and months of recruitment on his younger 5-star brother Andrus Peat, the Huskers are also in pursuit of another Corona Del Sol standout. What is the latest with Avery Moss? BRR's Kevin Seely goes 1-on-1 with the 2012 standout in this update.

After playing much of his junior year with a severe injury, defensive end Avery Moss says he's been a little surprised to get this much attention from major college programs.

"I played all last year with a broken wrist, so I couldn't play any offense, just defense. I didn't really get to show what I could do because of the injury. That's why I was surprised to get this many looks from different schools.

"I'll be able to show what I can do this year though," said a confident Moss. "I'll be playing tight end and defensive end all year, maybe some special teams too."

When did the interest from Nebraska start?

"Probably a couple months ago. I think one of my teammates told them about me, Todd Peat. He is going to Nebraska and just told them about me and that they should give me a look.

"Then I started getting messages on Facebook from coach J.P. saying to give him a call. When I did he said he liked my skills and thought I could be good player for them. He said they were making a verbal offer, but he was going to come out to my school (in a week or two) to get a look at me. He said they like to get to know the recruits as a person before they send any of the written offers."

Have you picked up any other offers to date?

"Yeah, I got one from Arizona when I went on a junior day visit there. Somehow the coaches at Washington got my number and said I had an offer from them. Then I went to another junior day at ASU and got an offer there. I think I have four now."

Avery would also be considered a raw prospect, due to the fact 2010 was his first year of organized football. And he credits a name well known to Husker fans for that late entry into the sport.

"Last year was my first year of playing football really. I was always a basketball player growing up. But my boy, Todd Peat, stayed on me about trying out for the football team. I remember one day last year before I tried out, he actually chased me around the school because I wasn't going to go to the tryout," laughed Moss. "He caught me though and made me go. But I'm glad I listened to him now."

Are you friends with both of the Peat brothers?

"I'm real close to both Todd and Andrus; I look at them almost like brothers. When Todd found out I got the offer from Nebraska, he was like ‘now both of you have to come to Nebraska'," said Moss. "He wants us to come play with him out there.

"I know he stays on Andrus about going to Nebraska a lot, now he his trying to recruit me I guess."

What's it like going against Andrus Peat in practice? He is considered one of the top prospects in the country along the OL.

"It's hard, real hard. The guy is 6-foot-8 and 290 pounds, its crazy how big he is, he's huge. He moves his feet so well for his size and has real long arms so you can't get in close on him. He's a tough matchup no doubt. I like going against him though, it makes me that much better."

Can you give Husker fans a little scouting report on Todd?

"Todd is a great leader. He is extremely mentally strong, as well as physically strong. I really looked up to him like an older brother. I think he'll bring a lot to the table for Nebraska this year as a freshman."

What is your height and weight right now, and how would you describe your game on the field?

"I'm a little over 6-foot-4, just under 6-foot-5. My weight is 242 right now. My speed off the line is real good and I can hold up against the run. I'm still learning the game, but that's what I do best right now."

Moss, who is originally from Compton (CA) before moving to Arizona six years ago, said he has no real desire to return to the west coast for college. Leaving Arizona for school apparently won't be a problem either.

"I was born in California, in Compton. We moved out here (Arizona) a few years ago, but I still have a lot of my family back there (in California). But it's not like I'm trying to get back to the west coast or anything. I haven't been here in Arizona that long, so it's not like I have to stay here either.

"But I don't want to go too far away from Arizona either. I just want to find the school that can fit me best."

What are the criteria going to be, what will you be looking for in a program?

"The coaching staff more than anything really, are these good people? Like I said location a little, I don't want to move on the other side of the country but I don't really want to stay real close either. My education is important too, I want to major in Psychology. The school needs to be good in that department.

"There is a lot to think about really, and I know right now I'm not even close to being ready to choose."

Avery said he plans to take at least three official visits before making a decision, and hoped to accompany Andrus later this year to Lincoln on an official visit. He also considers himself wide open at this stage, with no early leaders. So stay tuned to Big Red Report, as we continue to track the recruitment of Avery Moss.

- Bryan Munson -

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