Goodman holding Nebraska offer

The Nebraska coaches are really fanning out nationally and scouring areas that haven't been as heavily recruited before this year. It's paying off too for Nebraska. The Huskers have offered quite a few players in Florida including Evan Goodman from Lakeland (Flor.). What are his thoughts about the Nebraska offer and will he visit?

Evan Goodman from Lakeland (Flor.) can't believe that it's about time to get back out on the field. He has been working out, improving himself, and finally he will be able to get out there and play some ball next week.

"It's crazy," Goodman said. "I am busy working out; I work out every day. I do conditioning every Tuesday and Thursday getting ready for spring ball that starts next week.

"I didn't think that it would come so quick because looking back when I was in 9th grade it seemed so far away. It's here now. I am just getting ready to go all out."

Goodman left the field last year needing to improve on his pass protection, but which offensive lineman wouldn't at Lakeland? All Lakeland did last year was rush for more than 7,000 yards as a team.

"I wanted to get better at my pass protection. We run the ball a lot. We had 7,000+ rushing yards on the season. We had one guy sign with Marshall and he ran for over 3,000 yards."

What makes Goodman special is his athleticism. Goodman has the size at 6-foot-4 and 265-pounds, but he can put more size on and definitely doesn't move like a 265-pound player.

"I think that I am more athletic than most other offensive lineman. I am really light on my feet. I explode off of the ball fast. The defensive lineman doesn't have a chance to adjust."

Goodman plays left tackle and is getting looked at to play tackle at the next level. He has 17 offers and the schools that stand out to Goodman right now are the schools from far away that noticed his ability.

"I play left tackle and everyone says that they are recruiting me as a tackle. I am up to 17 offers. I am not favoring anyone, but the offers that stand out are Arizona State and Notre Dame because those schools are so far away."

When Goodman picks out a school he will be looking for tradition. He says that the tradition makes you work harder to keep it up. Also, he is looking for good team chemistry with the coaches and the players.

"I am looking for tradition. That tradition makes you work harder. I am also looking for coaches and players that I get a long with. I am also looking for playing time. I think that I am good enough to play early."

Offers like Arizona State and Notre Dame might be at a disadvantage for a Florida kid because of distance, but that doesn't matter to Goodman. "No, it's not a big thing. If that is the school you want to go, if it's the best choice for me, then I will go there. I don't think that anyone can argue with that."

Goodman is going to be on the road in June hitting four different schools. He is actually going to go and see the schools that are a little further away unofficially this summer.

"I am going to Ohio State on June 15th and I will do Notre Dame when I am out there. Before that I am going to Arizona State on June 9th. I will also see Auburn because they are recruiting me hard and they were the first to offer."

Another team that isn't exactly close for Goodman that has offered is Nebraska. Goodman likes the offer because he likes the offense that Nebraska runs. The Nebraska coaching staff has been doing a good job staying in touch with Goodman.

"The Nebraska offer is really big for me because I like their team. I like the way that they play on offense. Coach John Papuchis from Nebraska is the coach that is recruiting me. I just spoke to them today.

"Nebraska has been one of the teams that have been contacting me a lot through Facebook. They haven't been to my school yet because I haven't started spring ball, but Nebraska will be here May 13th."

The Huskers won't get a chance to host Goodman this summer, but if everything plays out like it should Nebraska should host Goodman for an official visit in the fall. "I like Nebraska. I really do. I would like to visit them officially."

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