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Late is better than never and with the 19th pick of the first round last night in the NFL draft the New York Giants chose Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara. Mock drafts had Amukamara projected anywhere from #9 to #13 overall. Fox Sports John Crist talks about Prince slipping to 19, the fit in New York and some other Cornhuskers he will be keeping an eye on.

Prince Amukamara was a unanimous All-American selection and was the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year last year at Nebraska. Last night he was selected by the New York Giants in the first round of the NFL draft. Here is what John Crist from Fox Sports had to say about Prince Amukamara:

BRR: Prince Amukamara was selected 19th overall by the New York Giants, how do you feel about the fit between Amukamara and The Giants?

John Crist of Fox Sports: I know that it was expected that he would go a lot earlier and possibly as a top 10 pick. I actually think that the Giants are a very good fit for him because they are a team that gets after the quarterback very well.

They are going to rush the passer with guys like Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul and Mathias Kiwanuka. So when you have a team that can rush the quarterback as well as the Giants can you don't need to be covering guys quite as long in the secondary.

It's not that Amukamara can't cover guys, but when you go to play for a team that can get after the passer like they do I think that it's a very good fit and makes a lot of sense for that team.

BRR: Amukamara was one of a few guys that slid in the first round in comparison to his projected pick. Why do you think Amukamara had that short slide to later in the first round?

John Crist of Fox Sports: It's all a product of the desperation of the quarterback position. No question about it this was an average draft at best for quarterback, but because you have so many teams in the first half of round one that needed a quarterback of the future you saw four of them go in the top 12.

You had Jake Locker going #8 overall and no one had Christian Ponder going #12 overall. So because of that you had some very talented players on defense slide down to later in the first round.

I really think that Amukamara going into this draft gets past the Detroit Lions at #13. The Lions are in need of a cornerback, but then you have a guy like Nick Fairly staring you there in the face and you had to take him.

I think that was the biggest reason why Amukamara slid down to #19 overall. It's not really his stock being down. It's really the funky round one and he was one of the victims.

BRR: Prince is really one of those cornerbacks that's physical and puts his hands on the receivers that will be flagged at the next level. What do you think Amukamara needs to do to be a solid professional cornerback?

John Crist of Fox Sports: You are right about that. He is a guy that likes to get physical and beat up his receivers in the middle of the route. You really can't get away with that in the NFL. The evolution of the passing game in the NFL the receiver are allowed to pretty much to run free and you can't hit them.

The evaluation on Amukamara came back and said that he might be a little bit stiff in the hips; maybe not as free flowing in his drops and things of that nature. I think that he can get better at that. Certainly he has the ability and the talent.

His has ball skills as well; maybe not as good as a Patrick Peterson or a Jimmy Smith. He has very good size, good athlete, good young man and I think that he's going to be a good player. He has going to have to get better with his lower body to cover guys than strictly depending on his upper body like he seemed to do in college.

BRR: Is there someone that in recent NFL history that Prince Amukamara reminds you of?

John Crist of Fox Sports: I did cover the Chicago Bears for quite some time and I guess that I could see some Charles Tillman in him. He's not exactly the classic cover guy, but you like the fact that he's big, strong , he doesn't mind sticking his nose against the run and the fact that he doesn't mind being physical with receiver.

I am not saying that he's going to move to safety one day if he gets slower or when his skills better suit that position, but just the physical nature and how he goes about playing his game I think that Tillman is a good comparison to make.

BRR: Who are some other players from Nebraska that you have your eye on where the get picked tonight and tomorrow?

John Crist of Fox Sports: I am really interested to see what happens with Alex Henery because he's the best kicker on the board. He's certainly a guy that deserves to be drafted. It's just how early does a team want to roll the dice and draft a kicker? I think that he's the best guy at that position and I think that he might come off the board around round five or six.

Aside from that I think Niles Paul is a guy to watch simply because you had the two stud wide receivers in A.J. Green and Julio Jones in the top of round one and after that you had Jon Baldwin go later in round one. After that you have a lot of receivers that could go in that round two or round three range; guys that are not necessarily home runs, but more doubles at the NFL level.

I think that Niles Paul is one of those guys and for teams that like bigger, stronger wide receivers and not necessarily shorter, quicker and slot kind of guys; I think that Paul is the kind of player that could come off of the board late in round two or more in round three if he can help a team on their depth chart.

- Bryan Munson -

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