White moves back to Arizona

Elijah White is adjusting, again. White has moved from Conway (Ark.) and will be attending Chandler (Ariz.) Hamilton. The 5-foot-9 and 175-pound White says that the move has given him some new exposure to different colleges. White says that Nebraska has been by to see him already and by him moving to Arizona it doesn't hurt their chances at all.

Elijah White has been busy. There has been a lot of time being spent in the weight room to prepare for spring practices that started yesterday and he's excited to be back on the field.

"I have been training," White said. "I have been spending a lot of time in the weight room. Spring practices started yesterday. It feels real good to be back out there. This is my last season and all."

Besides training, White is now a resident of Arizona as opposed to Arkansas. White moved back to Arizona to be closer to his father that is dealing with a respiratory infection.

"I had to move back to Arizona because of my dad. He has a respiratory infection so out here they have the Mayo clinic and I am back with my old team going after another state championship."

The move has been good in the way of recruiting. The move has opened doors to new teams looking at White because it's geographically closer to other conferences.

"Recruiting is going good. All of the coaches have been coming in to see us training. It's giving me some more exposure with some coaches from the PAC 10/12 and the SEC."

Nebraska is still after White. In fact, White says that Nebraska was there to see him at Hamilton just a couple of weeks ago in fact.

"I haven't gotten the written offer from Nebraska yet, but Coach Ron Brown came down to see me about two weeks ago. He came to see me and a couple of the other players."

Some might think that the move to Arizona might hurt the chances of schools that were closer to Arkansas before he moved. That's not the case at all for White.

"It doesn't hurt anything. I am not going to say that I can't go anywhere because I live somewhere else now. Football is football. I need to go to the best place for me."

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