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It's an on-going relationship that has worked well for Nebraska and for Fort Scott. The Huskers have gotten four players over the past three seasons from Fort Scott and are in a position to possibly take two more. Both cornerback Joe Williams and tight end Terrell Mitchell were in Lincoln from Thursday to Saturday. What were their thoughts on their visit?

Cornerback Joe Williams and tight end Terrell Mitchell from Fort Scott (Kans.) C.C. are heading back to Fort Scott after a visit to Nebraska. Williams said that they got into Lincoln Thursday afternoon.

"We are on our way back to Fort Scott," Williams said. "We got there Thursday afternoon about 2:30. We hung out in the players' lounge and had dinner with some of the coaches that night.

"On Friday I had a chance to meet with the strength and conditioning staff, the nutritionist and talk with the academic support staff. I also got a little one on one with my position coach, Corey Raymond, and we ate lunch with Carl Pelini. We just hung out with the players after that."

Williams hadn't been to Nebraska before, but there were some familiar faces there to greet him. There are already four players on the team that began their collegiate careers at Fort Scott.

"The year that I redshirted at Fort Scott, Jermarcus Hardrick and Lavonte David were both playing. I got a chance to know them pretty good for a year. Stanley Jean-Baptiste redshirted with me and we hung out a lot. I just met B.K. (Brandon Kinnie) this weekend. He's a cool dude. We clicked."

There was a meeting between Joe, Terrell and the head coach at Nebraska this morning where offers were discussed. Joe said that coach is trying to work everything out and that there should be news about offers this week.

"Bo Pelini told us this morning and said that he is trying to work things out about getting both me and Terrell an offer. He said that he would let us both know what he could do some time later this week."

Williams and Mitchell are ready to go, right now. Both could enroll to be in Lincoln for summer classes which start in the early part of June. Williams says that he would have three years to play three years.

"I already graduated from Fort Scott. I just need to walk through and get my degree and I am ready to sign now. I redshirted one year and played another. I would be a redshirt sophomore and would have three for three."

Williams already has a difficult decision on his hands without Nebraska entering the picture with an offer. But, if Nebraska does enter the picture it clouds it up even more. And still there are more teams trying to enter the picture with Williams.

"If they offer me it would be a big decision. I would have to think long and hard about it. They would be in the picture. I have offers from Ole Miss and Baylor too. The coaches from Arkansas and Miami called me while I was on the visit."

Williams is originally from St. Louis where he played his high school ball at Riverview Gardens. Williams says that he will know in the next two weeks what he is going to do. "I want to make a decision by May 20th. I want to make that decision before I have to leave Fort Scott."

For Mitchell, the fit at Nebraska is there. Mitchell got to see and hear about first hand how they would plan on using him and it's something that he has done before.

"The offense that Nebraska is running I have run back in high school," Mitchell said. "That's good for me because I would already know all of the plays. I would have a big leg up on most of the guys."

Mitchell redshirted last year at Fort Scott and with the ACL injury he would sit this year and be a three for three. However, there would be a chance of getting that year back again somewhere down the road.

"I wouldn't play this year and last year I redshirted at Fort Scott, so I would be a three for three. It's possible that I could petition to get that year back on the medical."

There is already a Nebraska offer on the table, for 2012, but things have changed now. Now there is a need to go back and see if there is a way to get two spots on the 85 right now for Mitchell and Williams.

"Honestly Nebraska offered me when they first saw me back in December. That was based on them taking me after a year at Fort Scott though, but I think that they are working on getting two spots for Joe and me."

It seems that there is only one option for Mitchell when it comes to staying at Fort Scott or leaving and that means he's leaving. After that, there are just two schools that are in the picture.

"I am not going back to Fort Scott, I know that. Coach Sims doesn't want me to come back to Fort Scott because I can not rehab the knee the proper way.

"I liked the visit to Nebraska. Oklahoma is trying to get me to take a visit in the middle of next week. It's really Nebraska and Oklahoma for me. That's it."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years, covering recruiting and football. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine with Allen Wallace
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