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There are many things that are up in the air right now for Greg Zuerlein. The first is recovering from hip surgery which he is getting closer every day to being able to kick a football again. The next is whether or not the NCAA will grant him eligibility to play DI ball next year? One thing is for sure, if the NCAA plays yes he now has a team to play for.

Greg Zuerlein has "some" news to report. It's not the news that inevitably he will need to take advantage of it, but if the NCAA allows Zuerlein to play DI football as a transfer from University of Nebraska – Omaha he will have a place to play.

"I got an offer from UCLA," Zuerlein said. "I would think that there is definitely a need for me to get physically ready to play and also get cleared by the NCAA."

The University of Nebraska – Omaha has chosen not to continue their football program leaving Zuerlein and others looking for other opportunities. To complicate things even more Zuerlein missed the last season except for one PAT due to an injury.

"For me to play division one I have to get a sixth year granted because my five year clock is up. That has been submitted and it's in front of them. It's in their hands right now."

"I got hurt last season. UNO applied for my sixth year at the D-II level and that was granted to me already. Then obviously the program was dropped which makes me eligible to play D-I ball. The fact that my five year clock is up with the program being dropped makes my clock different from anyone else's."

Zuerlein has already taken trips to Oklahoma State, Nebraska and Missouri Western (D-II) to go along with the recent visit to UCLA. Zuerlein says that he is still evaluating schools and will have to wait for a final decision from the NCAA before he makes a decision.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years, covering recruiting and football. His work can also be seen in Scout.com's SuperPrep Magazine with Allen Wallace
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