Mail-time: Ask the N-Siders (5-13-11)

In our first installment of "Ask the N-Siders" we hit on the three recruits most likely to commit in the future, how many offensive lineman the Huskers will take in 2012, and is the kicking game in trouble?

Who do you believe are the top three most likely recruits (not already committed) that will be signing with the Huskers in 2012 and why? - HuskerNTX

1.) DE.) Greg McMullen- Archbishop Hoban HS Roster
We don't feel 100% on this one due to the Ohio State offer and it being his back yard, but Nebraska has to have a different opinion of McMullen since he's been to Lincoln a couple times and due to the fact that there are not many defensive end offers out there. Nebraska has to feel pretty good about their chances. It will be interesting to see if the recent events in Columbus have any impact on McMullen's recruitment, but Nebraska has done a nice job here.

2.) LB.) Joe Robinson - Chaparral HS Roster (CA)
There has been some recent reports, including Fox Sports West Coast Regional Manager Brandon Huffman's on Wednesday, pointing that Robinson has Nebraska very high. Nebraska has been in on Robinson since the start of his junior year. It's give him time to build great relationships with a few of of the coaches. It seems that the relationships are getting stronger and so is Nebraska's chances.

3.) OL/DL.) Mike Shoff- Cambridge HS Roster (NE)
A couple reasons for going with this pick. First, Nebraska has to grab at least one in-state guy a year almost. It doesn't make sense not to. But number two, it seems like he is finally healthy. He would have probably been a Nebraska commitment by now if he would have not messed up his knee right before summer camp last year. Given what he did in the state wrestling tournament, what he's doing in track and field, he's so athletically talented. We think he will get an offer.

Josh, what are the chances we get one of the three running backs in the 2012 class since we have quite a few coming in this year? - aristide
To be completely honest, we don't get a warm fuzzy on any of those guys. The highest rated running back of the bunch Brian Kimbrow appears to be really interested in Tennessee or Notre Dame. Both Foster and Walton haven't visited yet, with no immediate plans in the future. The thing that we notice when looking at all of them, they are smaller backs. Kimbrow and Walton are both only 5-foot-9 and weigh both less than 175. It's not safe to believe that Nebraska even wants these guys as backs, but possibly in the secondary. Will Nebraska take a true running back this year, our projection, no.

We appear to have a great class of O-linemen coming in this fall. With a small class expected for 2012, how many O-linemen do you see NU taking? - BRWillie
Our prediction is three is a decent number. Nebraska needs to get a guy at each position, but they really need a center. Evan Boehm seems like their number one guy at the center spot and it appears things are slipping away with him. He looks like an Oklahoma lean at the moment.

We need a high-end quality tight end very badly. Who do you see as the top propect, that is most likely to commit to Nebraska? - SKERBACKER
The guy they have the best shot with ois Orlando David out of Florida. Nebraska has made quite an impression with David, but the question with David is he kind of looks like Sean Price. The thing about Price and David is you are looking at guys that are 6-foot-3 to 6-foot-4 and weigh 215 pounds. They are not tight ends right now. They are just big "x" receivers. We don't think those types really translate to tight end right now at the next level. That is what Sean Price said in our recent interview with us. "Nebraska actually wants me to play as a big receiver."

Josh Harvey and Bryan Munson both contributed to this report

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