Make Plans For Wisconsin Now

Want to check out Nebraska's first Big Ten game in Madison? Is money tight? Big Red Report has you covered with a way you and your closest buddy can make the road trip for less than $600.

We begin with your ticket to the game. Obviously the most important part of the trip. It's not even June, but prices are beginning to skyrocket. The anticipation is building, so getting your ticket as fast as you can is key. Right now, on Stubhub, two lower level seats in section "I" (one of the corners) are going for $250 a piece. Not horrible and definitely cheaper than scalpers, so let's snatch them up.

Second is the gas to Madison. Yes, sorry my friend, you are driving to the game. It's only eight hours and between you and your buddy, it's only four hours of driving each way. It's about a 1000 miles round trip, plus an additional 50 miles of driving while there. I've done the math, you can check it if you like, but it's about $164 dollars or $82/ a piece in gas. I'm figuring $4.25 a gallon (they are going up) and a car that gets 30 miles to the gallon. So, leave your SUV at home.

Okay, now before we factor in beer costs, let's figure out where you are staying. Let's make this a true road trip. We are not staying at any Hilton or Hampton. On Priceline right now you can get a room at the Micro Inn Hotel and Suites for $55 dollars a night, just eight miles away from the stadium. Remember, you are your buddy are splitting this, so it's just $55 for a hotel or maybe we should call it a motel.

Now on to food/drinks/and other stuff...


Friday breakfast - $6.00 (McDonalds or Casey's)

Friday lunch - $6.00 (Fast food on I-80)

Friday night dinner - $15 (Jordan's Big Ten Pub, a cool place just two blocks from the stadium)

Friday night drinks - $30 (Stay at Jordan's Big Ten Pub)


Saturday breakfast – FREE (gotta love complimentary hotel breakfast)

Saturday lunch - $10 (you are probably going to get something quick around the stadium)

Saturday parking - $40 (parking around the stadium can be expensive)

Saturday tailgating supplies - $30 (beer, chips, maybe a steak to grill, you will have to find a grocery store when you are driving in)

Souvenir or food at game - $20

After the game munchies/drinks - $20 (have to keep that buzz going)


Sunday morning breakfast – free

Tylenol (it's a long drive after little sleep the night before)- $4.00

Sunday lunch - $6 (we are fast fooding it up again)

That is a grand total of $ gives you $26 for unforeseen expenses you might occur. Oil for the car, a car wash, ice, coffee at Starbucks. You name it and there is always something you forget.

That is how you get to Madison and back for $600...

It means I expect to see everyone on Oct. 1st.

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