Mail-time: Ask the N-Siders (5-20-11)

In our second installment of "Ask the N-Siders" we talk about the differences in Beck's offense, the 2012 running back situation, and other top wide receivers not named Jordan Westerkamp.

How different is the Beck offense? Totally different nomenclature? Because Watson's offense seemed to be predictable out of multiple sets and motions. My leaning would be single wing philosophy, look the same but do varied attacks. If we go no huddle and call plays with a picture flash card I'd assume the offense play book be simplified??? –daveydinfunk
I think that this is all still T.B.D. not just by the fan, by the player, but also by the coaching staff to some extent. It's clear where things went wrong last year. Too rigid. Too complex. Too predictable. I would look for more true option, maybe more of a sprint option, and less of the quarterback read. Yes, Nebraska has the athletes to run that play, but Nebraska was way too dependent on it last year and leaning on that one guy (Taylor Martinez) destroyed him physically and to some extent mentally.

I think that the simplification will come because of half of the original offense being scrapped. Think of it as "Cliff's Notes" to the past offense. There are parts that you can just drool over and then there are parts that actually worked. There are also the parts that you suspect might work, but might need some tweaking or some special attention. Through the elimination of plays you get simplification. You get better by the repetition of less plays and less routes.

I also think that you will see some changes up front with the offensive line. I think that you will see more of a mix between zone blocking and straight up man blocking. Nebraska has to get more physical and you can be physical with zone blocking along the offensive line, but being successful up front with man blocking is predicated upon the offensive line being physical. – Bryan Munson

I'm totally excited to learn more about Tommy Armstrong. Also, I've seen prospect Rodrigues listed as a pro-style QB but haven't watched any film on him. Is he athletic enough to be considered a dual threat? I was in the school of thought that a dual threat would be the best type of QB for Beck's offense but I've been wrong before. – lennon40
Last time we checked in with Armstrong, he still had yet to get in contact with the coaching staff. There is no doubt that he's a great leader. For the last two years, he has extremely flied under the radar due to playing with 5-star running back Malcolm Brown. He's got the athletic fame and ability to play a safety or hybrid linebacker, but he's got a solid enough arm to play at the high D-1 level.

Don't get caught up in the dual-threat / pro-style quarterback stuff. It's why unlike some recruiting services, does not break quarterbacks into the categories.

Rodrigues can definitely run. His production proves it, he put up 1300 yards and 21 touchdowns on the ground. That is not just scrambling, but if you ask the junior he tells you he would rather sit in the pocket and gun down it down field.

Do we take only one running back in the 2012 class? – BRWillie
With the news of Heard this week, don't count on Nebraska taking any running back. It's not a position they are going to force after snagging a couple last year. It the perfect situation arises and they are able to get they really want, they will take one. But we stand by our projection from last week. Don't expect a true running back in the 2012 class.

Why aren't we targeting more top flight wide receivers? –bigleggs81
Not exactly sure what you mean? Nebraska has offered one 5-star receivers and nine 4-star receivers, landing one of them in Westerkamp. Besides that, they have also offered six 3-star receivers. They are definitely working the position.

There is some pretty solid evidence recently that Nebraska isn't paying attention to just recruit rankings and blanket offering. Another thing that you have to consider is one of the latest offers by Nebraska. On May 12th. the No. 1 tight end in the country was finally reporting an offer from Nebraska. This is a player that is on every one's radar and it's also a huge position for Nebraska when it comes to landing a guy. So, the only thing that you can deduct is that Nebraska needed to get there and see Kent Taylor before just offered.

- Josh Harvey and Bryan Munson contributed to this report

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