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With a need for linebackers in the '12 class for Nebraska, one of the top players on the board is Quanzell Lambert from Timber Creek high school in Erial, NJ. In this latest update, he talks about his summer visit plans and the schools showing the most interest in him at this stage of his recruitment.

Quanzell Lambert, like many high school football players this time of year competes in track to stay in shape. But he also said he is looking forward to the upcoming summer break.

"We get out of school here pretty soon and I'm glad the summer break is almost here. This year seems like it has been extra long.

"I've been staying busy with track and lifting weights though. I'm up to 244 pounds now and feel stronger than I ever have. Track is like a win-win situation for me because our (track) coach believes in lifting weights just like the football coaches."

Lambert went on to say that he does a little bit of everything in track.

"This year I did the shot-put, discus and javelin. I threw the shot-put 54 (feet), my best javelin is like 160 and my best discus is 147."

When Big Red Report first spoke with Lambert, just after receiving his verbal from the Huskers, he could count all his offers on one hand. Since then other programs from around the country have made their pitch in hopes of landing the standout from New Jersey.

"It can get a little crazy sometimes, I won't lie. But I'm thankful to have all these options now.

"I think I'm up to 17 or 18 (offers). There is Penn State, Alabama, Nebraska, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Purdue, Iowa, Northwestern, Stanford, Central Florida, Tulane, Maryland, N.C. State, Louisville and Connecticut. That should be all of them."

Has the message from all those schools been pretty much the same?

"Yeah, you could say that. They've all said they think I could be a big help for their defenses and just want to get me to come visit. That's pretty much it."

Are all the phone calls getting annoying yet?

"I'm still enjoying all this right now, so it's not too bad for me. But I can see how it will get worse though."

What about your recruitment? Of all your offers, what schools would you say are coming at you the hardest?

"The hardest, I would say Rutgers, Nebraska, Alabama, Penn State and probably Northwestern. Those schools send me mail almost every day."

Have you been staying in contact with Coach Brown from Nebraska?

"It was coach Brown, but now my recruiting coach for Nebraska is coach Pelini, the defensive coordinator. We've already had some good talks over the phone."

What was the gist of that conversation?

"He sent me his number so I was just checking in with him and gave him a call. He basically said that I'm a real big target for them at linebacker. He was telling me about their scheme and where he thought I could fit in and everything. We had a good conversation.

"He said they like me as the ‘jack' linebacker. Pretty much a guy that can play on running downs and can still cover people on passing downs. They don't want to have to run a bunch of guys off the field for substitutions. I liked what he was telling me. I can't wait to get out there for a visit."

What are your plans for the summer, do you have anything set in stone?

"I've got my team camp at Penn State; I think that is in the last week of June. But I plan to take the majority of my unofficial visits over this summer.

"My parents have already talked about that. I think we'll go see Virginia and West Virginia first, then head south and see some of those schools like Alabama. Then come back by Nebraska and maybe Iowa on my way home."

He then talked about how he hopes to see his recruitment come to close.

"I want to take as many visits over the summer I can, so I can trim my list to maybe 10 schools. Then after I take some official visits this fall I'll be ready to commit.

"I'm not going to drag this thing out. When I find that right fit I won't hold back on a commitment."

Do you see Nebraska getting one of those official visits?

"Yeah, I do. Yeah, they will get one for sure."

Quanzell reports a 3.3 GPA and plans to major in Mechanical Engineering in college. As always, Big Red Report will continue to bring you updates on Quanzell Lambert as his recruitment progresses.

- Bryan Munson -

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