Osborne on Benefits of Nebraska Job

Speaking for the first time since his released statement to the media on Sunday, Tom Osborne talked about the benefits of being the head baseball coach at Nebraska.

Speaking for the first time since his released statement to the media on Sunday, relieving Mike Anderson of his baseball duties, Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne talked with Sports Nightly about the school's current coaching search.

"So far, I have not talked directly to anyone who might be a candidate. One of the difficult things is so many of the people that we might be interested in, are currently at sites where they are going to start their conference tournament," said Osborne. "To say that this is going to be all over in a week is probably wishful thinking. So I think the main thing is to take some time and think it through."

Setting the record straight that he did not fire any of the current assistants on the staff, Osborne is confident the move to the Big Ten should not affect his search too much.

"Is it all of sudden going to make it an undesirable job for someone in an established program? I guess my take on it is, with some it might be a factor, but it's all relative," said Osborne. "To finish in the top three of the Big 12 might be the same as winning the Big Ten. But I think, there are some people who are going to find it quite attractive. I wouldn't sell the Big Ten too short. I have heard over and over again, this is going to be easy. But in athletics, it's never easy.

"We have to look at the fact that we have a very fine ballpark here, it's one of the better in the county. We have established the fact that if we win, our fans will come. We are going to consistently be at five to six to seven thousand fans if we are playing well. Our fans will fill the park, I think that is important."

Osborne believes the team's commitment to the program in other ways besides the stadium should also be attractive to a coach.

"We are building an indoor practice facility that will be ready in September, there won't be many schools in the Big Ten or anywhere that are going to have the facility like that," said Osborne. "Anybody that is looking at this place has to say, there is a pretty good commitment at Nebraska to baseball. They put there dollars in there and it's a good place."

Fox Sports will have much more on Osborne's comments tomorrow.

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