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Wide receiver prospect Daniel Braverman from Fort Lauderdale (FL) says he'll be looking for several things when he takes his official visits later this fall. But his top criteria for picking a school will be playing time as a true freshman, as Braverman has no plans to sit out his first year in college. We go one-on-one with the Florida standout in this update with Big Red Report.

After having a productive junior season, Daniel Braverman from University high school in Fort Lauderdale says offers from different parts of the country have started to trickle in.

"I guess teams saw what I could really do last year, and then the offers started to come my way. I kind of played everywhere last year. On the ground, I had 33 carries for like 180 yards and 3 touchdowns. Receiving I had over 50 receptions and six touchdowns. I scored another three touchdowns returning kicks and punts, plus another 600 yards or so."

What does your offer list look like?

"It's hard to remember each one of them. Some of the ones I remember are Oklahoma State, Nebraska, West Virginia, Tulane, Kansas, South Florida, Duke, Eastern Michigan, Toledo, Wake Forest and Utah State. There are probably a few more but that's all I can think of right now. I think Northwestern and Texas Tech might offer pretty soon, I've been talking to them a lot lately."

How long have you carried the offer from Nebraska?

"Maybe a couple weeks. I remember because it was the day after I sprained my ankle at track practice. I left school early to go to the doctor to get it checked out, then while I was at the doctors office my coach called me and said the Nebraska coaches were at me school and were making an offer to me."

Did you ever get a chance to speak with any of the coaches from Nebraska?

"Yeah, I gave one of their coaches a call after I got the number from my coach. He sounded real happy to talk to me and said he wanted to meet me too. He just told me he liked the way I played and they were offering me right then. He was saying he liked the way I was able to make people miss and my cutback ability. He told me to get healthy and to give him another call when my ankle gets better.

"I didn't really expect it (the offer from NU) to happen that quick but it did. It's just a verbal offer, but I guess that's all anybody can do right now."

Do you know much about the Husker program at this point?

"I mean, I watched them a couple times last year. But I didn't really see them throw the ball that much, but their coach said they are changing the offense around a little bit too. I'll be watching them this year so I hope they do start to throw more.

"I know my dad was happy when I got that offer from Nebraska, he is a big fan of theirs. He was just telling me how great they were back in the day and how he loved those teams.

"My dad wants me to visit there (NU) so I'm thinking I will. He'll have a big influence on my decision."

Daniel admitted the whole offer process can be a little confusing at times, with nothing concrete until it comes in the mail.

"I don't know really what to think about my offers. Do I really have these offers? They don't mean anything until they come in writing so I'm not getting my hopes up until then. When the offers start coming in the mail it will feel a little more legit."

So until then, don't look for an early commitment from Braverman. He says things could even last until signing day.

"I want to wait and make my final decision on national signing day if I can. I've always wanted to do that and I think I will. If I feel like I need to make a commitment somewhere early I could, but I'd like to wait."

He also has one thing at the top of the list when it comes to making that decision, playing time.

"I'm not trying to redshirt, I want to play somehow, somewhere my first year. I don't expect them to just give me a spot or anything, but I want a chance to compete from day one.

"I mean, the way I look at it, if you don't have some way to get me on the field as a freshman you probably don't really need me that much. You probably already have other players like me on your roster, so why should I go there when here is this other team that needs a player like me from day one? That will be pretty much my number one thing I'm looking for, I'm not trying to redshirt.

"I want other things like nice facilities and good coaches. But number one, I want to come in and help a team that really needs me. At wide receiver, running back, kick return or punt return, it doesn't matter, I just want to play."

Daniel said he recently posted a 40 yard dash time of 4.47 on an outside track, and reports a personal best time in the 100 meter of 10.6. He plans to research colleges over the summer before picking five to officially visit this fall. Big Red Report will continue to keep you updated on the recruitment of Daniel Braverman.

- Bryan Munson -

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