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Sometimes it's better to let the dust settle and really think about what you want to say. It's the approach that Big Red Report took with the Cody Green transferring news.

Josh's Thoughts:

Stop sending me private messages questions like, "did the coaches want this so they could get Terrell Mitchell in here?" The two do not have relation to each other.

The fact of the matter is, Cody saw the writing on the wall. Did the coaching staff probably want to hang on to Cody this season for a little more depth, yes, are they all pacing the hallways now trying to figure out a new plan, no. Because their plan for the 2011 season didn't include Cody Green.

Cody would have probably entered the fall as the No. 2 guy on the depth chart, he might even have kept the title all throughout the year. But, Taylor Martinez goes down for more than a game and it's Carnes leading the Huskers' huddle.

Cody might get the wrap down the road as a guy who wasn't a team player, but that could be farther from the truth. Just because you want to play, it doesn't make you a guy who is all about himself.

After traveling 700 miles from Texas, being thrown into the first as a freshman, never once complaining to the media, and always being ready to play, if he wants two years of a legitment shot at playing, I say good luck Cody.

Bryan's Thoughts:

Am I surprised?  No.  In two years the Cody Green experiment has had mixed results.  Blame it on what you want...there definitely isn't a single reason as to things haven't been better for Green.

Personally, I see one of the reasons as being unrealistic expectations.  Green was baptised by fire his freshman year seeing time in eight games and starting two of them.  The first start was on the road in Waco...a bit of a homecoming coming to Texas, but it was a tough fought game (I was there). 

The second game?  Oklahoma at home.  Green didn't finish up that game against Oklahoma, Lee entered the game, led them to a victory and the rest of that season was history.

Then the 2010-11 season comes around and Taylor Martinez is tabbed the starter, Green is still the back up and Lee comes in #3.  Green starts two games again this past season for an injured Martinez and doesn't separate.

The season ends with a loss to Washington who Nebraska dismantled in Seattle four months before.  The Huskers looked lost offensively.  No one was able to step up.  Whether it was the offense or the players is insignificant because the offense is the part being addressed.

New offense in "place" Green wasn't able to displace Martinez and appeared to be losing ground with Brion Carnes this spring.  It appeared that more of the same type of need from Green would be needed this in each game, start a couple, but not be "the starter".

That's why he and Nebraska split.  That it's make or break for Green this season.  Green is a true junior this year.  He transfers, redshirts and has two to play two.  It's opportunity for both schools...the one that loses Green and the one that gains Green.

It's about perspective.

Yes, Nebraska only has two quarterbacks on scholarship if Green leaves in Martinez and Carnes.  Ron Kellogg is there, and arguably his skill set might be the best of all the quarterbacks when it comes to the new offense in my opinion, and then you possibly add Bubba Starling.

The fact of the matter is that the Nebraska coaching staff needs to grab all of the quarterbacks and explain the role that Green has played the past two years in Lincoln and explain that it's always been fluid among the quarterbacks.  On any given week it could be your show.

People will ask now just like they did last week about Mike Anderson getting fired from Nebraska if Cody Green leaving helps Nebraska's chances of getting Bubba Starling.

Listen, the situation at Nebraska currently and Starling possibly playing professional baseball are mutually exclusive and are collectively exhaustive.  One will happen...the other will not.  Just realize that the biggest factor is now what it's always been and it's the draft.

Bubba will get drafted and begin to negotiate a contract.  It can only be determined that Starling will be a Husker when the last day passes to sign a contract and he doesn't sign.  From that point forth, he'll be a Husker. 

People will ask if Jamal Turner moves to quarterback.  No way, Jose!  The quarterback who plays this year will need the play making ability of Turner on the field at a position other than quarterback.  You just can't replace the dynamic that Turner provides on the field as a returner, as a receiver and possibly out of the wildcat.

Just get ready everyone.  There wasn't much of a quarterback race going on with Green.  Green might be behind Martinez and Carnes right now.  And next year there might be another Starling, another Martinez or even another Green.

Kevin's Thoughts:

I'll be honest, when word broke this week of the transfer request by Cody Green, I was probably one of the least surprised people in the country. I've been hearing that rumor since the end of last season and thought it was a real possibility after the spring break.

I won't get into all the reasons for the transfer, I just don't really feel it's my place to do that. Plus, at this point, it's all water under the bridge now.

But what we do need to talk about is how this affects Nebraska moving forward. It's a given we'll see Taylor Martinez as the starter come game one. And why not, he broke numerous freshman records his first year as a starter at Nebraska. With some improvement in the offseason, the sky is truly the limit for a player like Martinez. If he steps up his passing game and can stay healthy this season, look for Nebraska's offense to take a giant leap forward.

The other player that was the talk of spring was Brion Carnes. For such a young player I thought Brion showed a nice touch on his passes and flashed solid speed when he tucked it and ran the ball. He looked more comfortable than most redshirt freshman, which bodes well for Nebraska. And we all know he comes from great bloodlines too.

But the player I've been hearing good things about is Ron Kellogg. From the people I've talked to around the program, the coaches feel completely confident they could win with Ron as the starter. I'm told he has the best leadership qualities of the three and commands the huddle like a veteran. He doesn't have the strongest arm, but probably has the best touch on the intermediate routes. Running wise he won't get you the big splash plays like Martinez, but I'm also told he probably won't take the unnecessary sack either.

So I don't see the loss of Green as a big a problem like some others might. I think NU has enough on the roster at Quarterback to compete with anybody. And If somehow Nebraska can increase their production over last year at that position, I truly believe every game on the schedule is winnable.

- Josh Harvey, Bryan Munson, and Kevin Seely all contributed to this report

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