Florida DB might camp at Nebraska

The first camp session for the Nebraska Cornhuskers is already in progress and there is only another 2.5 day all-position session to follow, but there are other opportunities to make it into Lincoln. There are the kicking and quarterback camps that this Florida defensive back might be looking into so he can camp at Nebraska this summer.

There is a severe hot spell going on around the nation, but that isn't stopping Gheirry Vanderkup from getting outside and working out. Hialeah (Flor.) has some upcoming seven on seven tournaments that they are preparing for.

"It's hot, but I have been working out," Vanderkup said. "We have some seven on seven tournaments coming up. We have been practicing for those."

Vanderkup has been working out at quarterback to fill in for last year's starter that they lost to graduation. While Vanderkup knows he won't play quarterback in college he does want to improve at the position for the upcoming season.

"This year I am going to be starting at quarterback mostly because our quarterback from last year graduated. I really want to start working on my technique more even though I will not be playing quarterback in college."

There are a couple of reasons why Vanderkup will find himself under center this fall. The first is that he is the most capable player and the second is that he touches the ball on every play.

"We don't really have anyone that I think my coaches feel comfortable with and I think that the coaches know that when I have the ball in my hands I am going to do something with it.

"We run a spread and nothing changes when I am at quarterback. We still come out three and four wide and I am throwing the football running the spread offense."

Vanderkup is eyeing as many as four schools to see this summer for camp. One of those schools happened to be Nebraska. He mentioned that the camp there might have to be a little later.

"I am going to Tennessee, Florida State, Florida and Nebraska for camps. I am planning on going to all of those camps as of right now.

"I am looking at going to camp at Nebraska for one of the later sessions. I think that my coach is looking into that for me. Nebraska contacted him about it."

The Huskers are a team that Vanderkup talks about a lot in his interviews. He admits that they are high on his list despite wanting him to play in the secondary.

"I would have to say that Nebraska is very high on my list. They are the first, what I would call a major school, to offer me. They are very high on my list.

"Nebraska actually likes me as a safety and not as a wide receiver. Coach Corey Raymond is recruiting me from Nebraska and he's the secondary coach."

Vanderkup doesn't favor a position over another, but he says that he is probably a better fit on offense. He says that his experience at quarterback probably helps him out the most in understanding defenses.

"It depends. I think that I would be better at receiver just because I like playing quarterback and I can understand how to read a defense."

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