Andersen opens eyes at camp

The first session of the camps in Lincoln has created a buzz about some of the local players from the state of Nebraska. One of those players that people are talking about is James Andersen from Omaha (Nebr.) Burke. Many of the other players that were there said that Andersen performed at a very high level the day he was at camp.

James Andersen was in Lincoln for one day of the first session Nebraska football camp. The Omaha (Nebr.) Burke offensive lineman said that he felt like he performed up to par with the other players that were also there.

"I was only in for the one day," Andersen said. "I was just there for the only full day, Wednesday. I thought that I did pretty well at camp. I felt like I performed as good as the other guys that were there. It was a little inconsistent in my play, but I felt like I was good most of the time."

Andersen is a real athlete as an offensive lineman. He plays basketball and lacrosse to go along with football at Omaha Burke. Considering that type of athleticism it's not surprising that he thought he did the best in pass blocking drills.

"I would say probably the pass blocking drills. I like to pass block. The coaches really praised me every time that I went through a pass blocking drill. I really felt like I never got beat in pass blocking drills. I know that I got beat on some run blocking drills by the defensive lineman."

To go along with performing well Andersen came in and was measured well as a possible interior line prospect. He said that he tested out fairly well considering he didn't really prepare to do the drills.

"I came in at 6-foot-3 and 305-pounds. We did the 40-yard dash and did the pro agility. They never told me the scores. I felt like I did pretty good considering I hadn't trained to do those in a long time. I felt like I did alright. Might have been a little slower than expectations."

Andersen definitely has the eye of Nebraska, but they haven't revealed to him how he fits in their picture. The Nebraska offensive line coach said that he would be out to watch Andersen in a game later this year

"They didn't tell me how they were going to recruit me or anything. I was talking to Coach Barney Cotton and he said that he would come up and watch a game this season and I was going to email him some video as well."

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