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Louisiana 2012 product Alonzo Moore is back home and talking about his offer from Nebraska. Come inside to hear about his full camp experience and what's next for the talented athlete.

Louisiana 2012 recruit Alonzo Moore is back in his home state and talked with Big Red Report about the Nebraska camps the past two days.

"I got back about 7 A.M this morning. I was there Sunday and Monday for the camp," said Moore. "I think I did very good, really good. I worked out at quarterback, wide receiver, and cornerback."

It seems that the Winnfield product impressed the Nebraska coaching staff so much, they upgraded their offer. If that really makes sense?

"They initially offered me just as a wideout, but I went up to the camp and I went in as a quarterback. Then they wanted to see me a DB. After watching me at all of them, they told me they wanted to offer as an athlete," said Moore. "It was my first time at Nebraska. Usually before I go to camps, I Google information about the school, to see what I'm walking into. I look at the campus and stuff on the computer. I enjoyed the time there. The weather was kind of tricky, but I enjoyed myself.

"It's hard to say where Nebraska stands. I haven't been to many places. It was one of my first visits...I definitely felt a connection with them, it was nice."

The connection he referred to was Coach Pelini's and Coach Raymond's experience with Louisiana. While Moore definitely seems to be open to going out of state, the Huskers' coaching staff experience in the south was a major plus.

"Today I made a decision that I was going to go to this camp on Thursday at Louisiana Lafayette. It's just a one-day camp," said Moore. "As far as July, I have a lot of camps set up. I'm not sure of all the ones I will be going to, but I do know that I will be at Mississippi State on July 22nd. I'm also going to try to go to Texas A&M's on July 17th and the 23rd I'm going to be at Ole Miss. After that, I want to try to hit some places in my area.

"It's about showing off my skills, but also picking up things they are teaching me to make me a better player, a more complete player. The reason I'm very interested in going to camps is to learn more than I already know."

With no official timetable of when he will be making a decision, the soon to be senior does have an idea in his head.

"I'm thinking right now, it will be during the season, but I don't know. Somewhere in that range," said Moore. "I have a lot of places to see."

With an offer list of Arkansas, Louisiana Tech, Memphis, Minnesota, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Texas A&M, and ULM, the bulk of his scholarships are at wideout.

"I don't know if anyone sticks out right now. It's a tough moment right now," said Moore. "It didn't really matter to me how Nebraska offered. It's nice knowing that they want at many positions."

Josh Harvey has covered college football and recruiting for Fox Sports & since 2008. He is now the Publisher of Big Red Report, covering Nebraska athletics.
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