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Four star CB Brandon Beaver, out of Dominguez high school (CA), says plans for an official visit to Nebraska are in the works. And with the Husker staff showing strong interest it appears Nebraska will be a serious player in his recruitment. We talk about that and a host of other topics in this update with Big Red Report.

One of the top cornerback prospects in the west region for 2012 is Brandon Beaver. Beaver, a standout from Dominguez high school in southern California comes from a high school that Husker fans might be familiar with.

Probably because it's the former stomping grounds of David Ross, a corner who once committed to the Huskers only to make the switch months later to Oregon State on national signing day. Brandon said he's heard all the stories and rumors about how it all went down. And even to this day people around school still talk about the incident.

"I hear about that story all the time," laughed Brandon. "My coach said people didn't know what to think. David showed up late for school that day and wouldn't answer his phone. I heard when he did come to school he had an Oregon State jacket on with a Nebraska hat on his head. Nobody knew what he was going to do, not even coach.

"After it all went down he said the Nebraska coaches were hot, he was getting all kinds of calls. They (former NU staff) told him they would never recruit our school again. I guess it was one of the coaches from Nebraska that had been recruiting David, and he was pissed. They were like really mad at coach and David for that. Coach said he called them and tried to defend David, but knew what he did wasn't right.

"Now every time one of our players brings up the idea of committing, coach brings up that story about David and Nebraska. Coach tells us all the time ‘This will never happen again while I'm here. If you're going to commit then stay committed'. I know he didn't like how all that went down with David and how it made the school look."

Does it make you have any ill will towards the Nebraska program? What about your head coach, is it all water under the bridge now?

"Yeah it's all good now. Coach said he didn't worry too much about what they (former NU staff) said about not recruiting Dominguez anymore. He said coaching is like a revolving door and when new coaches get in there (to Nebraska) they will be back. There are no hard feelings or anything, it's all good with Nebraska."

So far in his recruitment, Brandon says over a dozen schools have made offers, with others staying in constant contact through the mail.

"I've gotten offers from Washington, Nebraska, Arizona, Washington State, Arizona State, Boise State, UCLA, Tennessee, Colorado, Utah and some others. I've been getting a lot of mail from other schools like Oregon, California and USC too."

Is everybody looking at you for corner?

"Yes sir, I played some safety last year too, but all the colleges have said they like me as a cornerback. Coaches have said they like that I am tall (6-foot-1) with long arms. I also play really physical with the receivers. I don't like to give up any ground. My footwork isn't too bad either."

Are any schools standing out at this point? Who is recruiting you the hardest?

"I have some schools higher than others. I'd say I really like Washington, Nebraska of course, UCLA is cool, Arizona and probably Boise State."

"Recruiting me the hardest, I'd say Nebraska, Washington, Arizona and UCLA."

The Nebraska offer came pretty late in the process considering. Beaver though said that the interest from Nebraska up to that point was pretty consistent.

"They offered me maybe a little over a month ago. I was getting a lot of mail before that, but I was still surprised when it came."

Beaver has had contact with the Nebraska staff. In fact, he has spoken with the defensive coordinator at Nebraska and they spoke about taking a visit and how much Beaver would like it.

"Oh yeah, I've already called and talked to coach Carl Pelini. He was just telling me about the school and stuff like that. I already know about all the players they send to the league so he was just telling me other things, like how they do things out there. He said no matter what I have to get out there for a visit and see the atmosphere around the school. He said I'd love it.

"I know coach Pelini and coach Fisher came by my school too. I saw them talking to my coaches awhile back. I've spoken to coach Fisher a couple times too. He is my recruiting coach for Nebraska."

Brandon said even though he's been on the west coast for his entire life, he still has a lot of respect for the Nebraska program, mostly from what he's seen on television.

"I watched them in both games against Washington last year. In that first game I didn't really know who Prince was, but then I started noticing him and how he was playing against the receivers. I couldn't believe how good he was. I was like who is this? I kept tapping my friend on the shoulder and saying ‘look at this guy'.

"And after talking to coach Pelini he says they have another guy this year just as good if not better. That tells you right there Nebraska is the place to be for a corner, they develop their guys. I look at things like that and the tradition of the school. As a player I ask myself, how many corners has the school put in the league?

"Nebraska, right now with that coaching staff, is on a roll with putting players in the NFL. That's something that is really impressive to me. Nebraska is a school I'm really interested in.

"I want to play for a school where the whole town shuts downs for a game and the football team means a lot to the fans. From talking to the Nebraska coaches, I know they have that covered."

Being on the west coast for most of his life might lead you to believe that he would like to stay there for college. Beaver is talking about getting out and going away to school however.

"Honestly, I'm always thinking about getting away for school. To me it's more about what the school has to offer than how far from home it is. I won't let distance control where I go."

To date, Brandon has already taken unofficial visits to several schools, but plans to wait until the official visit season starts to even think about committing. Apparently just a few weeks ago the thought of an early commitment sounded good, until calmer heads prevailed.

"I've already been to Arizona State, UCLA, Washington and USC. I thought I'd seen enough to make a decision, so a couple weeks ago I thought I was ready to announce.

"But I got to talking to my parents and coach and they thought that I should wait and see other schools before jumping into anything, so I held back on it. I know now I need to wait until I can take my officials and not rush into anything. I'm glad I waited."

Nebraska will be thankful that Beaver waited because as of right now he says that the Huskers will get one of the five official visits. Beaver says that he is looking forward to the trip.

"Yes sir, they will. I've already been talking to coach Pelini about it. We don't know the dates for my games yet. I have to check their schedule against ours first. But I'm coming out there for sure. When I get that information I'll send it to coach Pelini. I can't wait to get out there and check it out."

Brandon, who finished the season with five interceptions, played with a broken wrist suffered in week six and just had the cast removed last month, says he plans to take it easy this summer and get healthy. So he'll skip the summer camp tour. When we get word of the official visit date for Brandon, we'll update the Red Zone. Until then, look for more updates on Brandon Beaver from Big Red Report as his recruitment progresses

-Bryan Munson-

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