Good Sign? Thurston Visits Again

It's often the last visit that wins out. It's what Nebraska fans are hopeful for when it comes to 4-star offensive tackle Paul Thurston. The soon to be senior visited Lincoln again yesterday before making a decision in the very near future.

In early June, Internet rumors had Arvada (Colo.) West offensive lineman Paul Thurston committing any day. While at the time Big Red Report was able to squash those rumors, we learned his decision would more like sometime around the end of June.

Now June 21st, it looks like things are falling into place. The 4-star offensive tackle unexpectedly (to us) visited Lincoln again yesterday, for last visit before making a decision.

"Paul is going to hopefully make a decision before next week," said Greg Thurston, Paul's father. "There were some gaps from our first visit that Paul wanted to clarifiy before he sat down and went to make a decision and compare.

"Nebraska was the very first visit we took as a family and it's one of those things where the more you do it, the better you get at it. We visited Nebraska before where there was a ton of other athletes there.We saw a lot of great things and met some great people, but there was some questions we missed asking. We didn't even think about them, until we went to Oregon, where we sat down with their nutritionist and thought, I wonder what Nebraska would have to say about this."

Thurston's four main recent visits were to Oregon, Notre Dame, Michigan, and Lincoln, so it should come to no suprrise that those schools appear to be in his final four.

"It would be hard for me to say who his final schools are, because I have never asked him personally. But by virtue of the fact him visiting those four, they would be in his top four or obviously at least in his top whatever," said Thurston's father. "I think he has had a lot of interest which has been neat and complimentary. I think he is getting a little tired. But it's summer and it's been a joy for him.

"I think the way the NCAA does it, it's not been as crazy as it could be. I know by August 1st, if he had not made a decision, it could get really crazy."

So what stood out for Thurston's father about their second trip to Lincoln? Nebraska fans will be happy he can't narrow it down to just one thing. Here are three things Thurston was quoted on.

1.) "Thing thing would be their training program. Coach Dobson is right where he needs to be. He's excellent. What makes him so special is he understands the game of football is not played by Olympic athletes, it's not played by power lifters, it's played by a unique breed of people, football players. He takes from all the various fields and gears it towards football. My perspective on a lot of other programs is, you talk with them and they are in love with a particular form of training, instead of producing football players."

2.) "The journalism program is top notch. They have an incredible program and that is what Paul is interested in."

3.) "Number three, the coaching is great. Coach Cotton is not only a great coach, but a true gentleman. He's a great person, not just a great coach. And Coach Pelini, you only see him on the sidelines and you get a certain perspective. But, he's a great guy and a great coach"

Stay with Big Red Report and Fox Sports as the soon to be senior's decision could happen at any time.

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