Lohn talks Nebraska

Nathanael Lohn might be just what the doctor ordered for Nebraska. The Huskers should be taking multiple defensive ends this year as well as the need for the Huskers to try and build a presence in Kansas City. Nebraska already has a Kansas City area commitment in Michael Rose, could Lohn join him?

Nathanael Lohn was able to get up to Nebraska for a day of summer camp. Since then though, he's been busy in the week or so following his trip, but he finally got a chance to talk about his experience in Lincoln.

"I loved it," Lohn said. "I learned so much from Coach John Papuchis. I got the tour of the campus and it was just beautiful.

"Nebraska football is just something that has just always really, really impressed me."

Lohn didn't really work out that much at the camp. The trip to Nebraska was more about Lincoln and the school itself. However, in the brief time that he did work out he learned something that he knows will help him next season.

"I was at camp for maybe just 40 minutes. I have played football since I was in first grade and he taught me something that I had never heard before as far as technique.

"That happened in just the first 20 minutes of camp. I learned that one thing and that is already going to help my game out for next season. It was important as far as becoming a better football player."

The advice is something that Lohn is anxious to see the results on the field. But, he knows that the Nebraska staff has credibility with churning out talent, particularly on the defensive line, on a consistent basis.

"It does. He's one of the guys like Ndamukong Suh and the other defensive lineman that has come through Nebraska and the guys that are there currently that are part of that defense."

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