Nebraska's New "Tireless Recruiter"

New Nebraska basketball assistant coach Jeremy Cox's peers all use the same term to describe the longtime assistant; "tireless recruiter."

But what is a "tireless recruiter?"

Cox says it's more than just making sure contact is made to recruits when the NCAA allows it.

"Tireless recruiters keep digging. They recruit years back, going back into their freshman and sophomore years, and they don't leave any stones unturned," Cox said in a phone interview with Fox Sports. "They get their early and stay late. There are so many ways to establish a relationship besides a call. Whether it's mail, electronic mail within the rules. Now we have social media, you have to work every angle. Whether you are following Twitter or Facebook. It takes time.

"I think you have to establish relationships with everyone around. It's not just the kids. With the rules being as such as they are, I think you have to have relationships with the high school coaches, the AAU coach, the JV coach, whoever it may be. That is what's makes up a tireless recruiter, whether it's late at night, early in the morning, Saturday or Sunday. You just don't have time off. Each and every recruit, each and every relationship takes time. You have to stay on it."

It's exactly the kind of effort head coach Doc Sadler wanted in a replacement for the departed Tracy Webster. Not only has Cox coached a double digit list of future NBA players, but was in charge of some of their recruitments (Sonny Weems – Toronto, Patrick Patterson – Houston). It's the hope he can attract NBA caliber players to Lincoln.

"I think when you look at the Big 12 or the Big Ten, you have to have an elite level player in both leagues," said Cox. "Both leagues are leagues where the champions can play for a National Championship. The top half of the conference has a chance to make the NCAA tournament and when you make it, you have a chance to advance. You have to have players that can play at a very high level."

Cox feels with the move to the Big Ten, Nebraska can compete by winning recruiting battles close to home. Kids will be more familiar with their program to the east of the state.

"We are really excited because with Iowa and Minnesota so close, the Midwest, Illinois and Wisconsin, we think it opens up some doors for us to recruit within a 500 to 600 mile radius of Lincoln. As you go east, it's more populated areas," said Cox. "I think what it does is you change regionally, not necessary the caliber of players."

Look for Big Red Report's basketball coverage to pick up in the coming weeks, as we start to examine future 2012 possible recruits.

Josh Harvey has covered college football and recruiting for Fox Sports & since 2008. He is now the Publisher of Big Red Report, covering Nebraska athletics.
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