Huskers After Touted Florida Safety

Over the next few weeks, Jordan Diggs plans to make several unofficial visits in an effort to trim his list to a manageable number before summer ends. With over 20 scholarship offers to date, Diggs says Nebraska already has a spot in his final cut. Find out where the Huskers stand with the four-star safety in this latest update with Big Red Report.

With school now out for the summer, football prospects will now start to make visits around the country to some of their favorite programs. Such is the case with Jordan Diggs, one of the top rated defensive backs in the state of Florida.

"I'll be making a road trip with my coach and some other players from around this area this summer. We're looking to leave somewhere around July 14 I think it is.

"I want to get out to Tennessee, Nebraska, Ole Miss, and then North Carolina and South Carolina too if we have time. I'm excited about the trip. I want to get out and see some of the schools that are showing strong interest in me. Once I hit some of these schools out-of-state I'll be ready to cut my list down to like seven schools."

And apparently one of those schools making a strong push is Nebraska, a program Diggs says he has high interest in as well.

"Man, Nebraska has been coming at me for a couple months hard now. They actually offered me awhile back, like right after my season last year. First my head coach was like ‘hey, I think Nebraska is about to offer you'. Then I get the message to call coach Papuchis, so I did. That's basically how it all got started right there. I was happy when I got that offer too. Nebraska is a school I'm going to give a hard look, real hard.

"That crazy Husker fan base and that Blackshirt tradition on defense have already lured me in. Throughout this whole process Nebraska is a school that has stood out to me."

Have you spoken with the coaches from Nebraska yet? Have they said where they see you playing on the college level?

"My recruiting coach for Nebraska, coach J.P., that's my boy right there. Me, him and Coach Raymond have already got a great relationship going. I've been talking to both those coaches a lot, especially here recently.

"I really like coach Raymond a lot too. He was telling me how he played at LSU and with him being from down south he knows what I'm going through right now. He was just telling me he will be straight-up with me about everything.

"He and coach J.P. said they have a plan of success for me there at Nebraska. They were just telling me how I would fit in that Nebraska defense. If I work hard early I could get in on some nickel and dime packages and maybe special teams. Those have been the main things we've been talking about to this point. I know that system can prepare me for where I want to be one day, the NFL."

Jordan said before offering the Nebraska staff wondered if at 6-foot-1 and 195 pounds he had the quickness to run with the elite WR's in college football. But after seeing him workout live in action those worries were put to rest.

"Coach J.P. said before he came down to my school to watch me practice he didn't know if I had what it takes to cover because of my size. Most of my highlights showcase my hitting ability and my tackling ability. But once he came down and watched me in person he saw that I can go out there and lock guys down. I'm not a one-dimensional player."

Jordan has already been to several schools around his home state over the past year for various types of visits, he even made a trip up north earlier this year.

"I've already been to junior days to all the schools in Florida except UCF. Then I went to the spring game this year at Ohio State. I had a great time on all my visits but the visit to Ohio was probably the best. It was just different from Florida and I liked it."

What if you don't get to Nebraska this summer, how likely is an official visit?

"Oh yeah, definitely I'm coming up there. I'll get to Nebraska one way or the other I can tell you that for sure. With the way things have been going, I feel like Nebraska will definitely get one of my official visits in the fall."

Have you thought about what you'll be looking for on your official visits? What are some of the attributes you want in a college?

"I hear a lot of people telling me not to base my decision on coaching staffs because they come and go, but I can't do that. I'm a strong believer in relationships. How can I go somewhere if that coach is looking to leave the first chance he gets or might get fired for a bad season?

"Then after that coach leaves you're just another guy to the new coach they bring in because he didn't recruit you. I want to be somewhere the coaches want to be, somewhere they have a plan for me and my future and will help me see my way through it.

"So I would say coaches are the most important thing. Then I would say I want to play in a great college atmosphere around positive people. A place where the fans go crazy on Saturday's for the games, you know?"

Diggs also stressed he has no set time for a commitment, because it's something that will have to come on a gut feel.

"It could come at any time really. Maybe it could be at the end of the summer, during the fall or after the season. I honestly don't know right now. But when I get that feeling and know that this is the right place for me, I'll just pull the trigger right then.

"I mean, when this process started I couldn't even imagine I'd be sitting here with all these offers. When it started I was just a kid hoping my momma wouldn't have to pay for me to go to school and now here I am. I just feel so blessed right now."

Last year from his safety spot Jordan amassed two interceptions, scored two touchdowns and had over 85 tackles. He'll play both safety spots his senior year along with QB, RB and WR on offense. Look for more updates on Jordan Diggs from Big Red Report as the summer progresses.

- Bryan Munson -

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