OSU Vacates 2010 Season, Impacts Nebraska

BRR Big Ten Correspondent Kyle Phillippi looks at the situation in Columbus.

It's not the first thing that many people took into consideration after learning about Ohio State's decision to vacate their 2010 season -- a season that was capped off with a win in the Sugar Bowl over Arkansas -- but with their loss of 12 wins from last season, Nebraska has moved into fourth on the all-time wins list with 832 victories.

Nebraska only trails Michigan, Texas and Notre Dame.

As for Ohio State, the university is dealing with a seemingly never-ending string of accusations and suspensions.

To appease to the NCAA, Ohio State placed a two-year probation on themselves. The probation, which is more of a slap on the wrist in terms of punishment, has caused some trendy conversation among college football writers.

"The Buckeyes just don't get it. They never have," said CBSSports.com Senior Writer Brett McMurphy, "Ohio State was so "embarrassed" by the findings that Tressel lied and covered up NCAA violations that the school initially decided to suspend Tressel for all of two games against Akron and Toledo. That would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic."

As for Gene Smith, Ohio State's AD, he is upset about vacating the team's wins from a year ago.

"Real painful. Very hard. We tried to benchmark our case against previous cases, which is really difficult to do because our case is a little different," said Smith, according to USA Today, "But we felt it was the right thing to do. We technically played players who should have been ineligible, and we felt we needed to vacate those games. It was really hard, particularly for those kids who weren't culpable -- and there are still some of them here."

The Big Ten has done a tremendous job in building up their reputation among the world of college football and has done an excellent job in adding top-notch universities to the conference, such as Nebraska this year.

But the accusations surrounding Ohio State have put a black mark on not only the Big Ten, but the entire atmosphere of college football. Now, more and more schools are being looked into for violations, and the players are being put in a difficult spot; a spot that has their every move being monitored.

Ohio State, Jim Tressel, Terrelle Pryor, and most recently Oregon are greatly affecting the game and have caused a chain reaction among universities and the legal system.

- Josh Harvey -

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