One course left

There has been a lot of uncertainty surrounding a number of Nebraska recruits. Nebraska is getting good news though when it comes to Joe Carter and Daniel Davie. One of the more anticipated high school players to join Nebraska still has an uncertain status. What is left for Charles Jackson?

One of the most heralded high school players in the 2011recruiting class for Nebraska was Charles Jackson. Jackson, a four-star cornerback recruit and rated as the #2 cornerback nationally, has not been able to report to Nebraska yet.

There have been many academic questions that have surrounded Jackson and his status. It's always sounded like he's had a very steep hill to climb. Jackson's high school head coach Drew Svoboda says that the light might be at the end of the tunnel for Jackson.

"He got the test score," Coach Drew Svoboda said. "He has the test score that he needs to get into Nebraska. He's taken it a number of times and worked hard to take classes to get ready for the test.

"Through that hard work and taking it multiple times he's gotten better on each test which is what you expect through the preparation and the hard work. He's good on the test."

If Jackson is good on the test that means that he's still lacking in the classroom. Coach Svoboda says that is being addressed though and that Jackson will start his final class this coming week and should be done with that by the end of the month.

"He just has one more class. He finished up a class and he has one more to go. He starts the class on Monday and the classes are two weeks long. So, he will be done before the end of the month. He can get his core GPA up a little bit."

With Jackson's last class just starting on Monday the likelihood that Jackson gets to any summer school in Lincoln is unlikely. That being said, the goal has now become getting to Lincoln for fall camp and Coach Svoboda said that was a very likely scenario.

"No, he probably won't get any summer school in Lincoln. I think that the last session at Nebraska starts this next week or something and he won't be able to be part of that. He should be reporting though when the fall camp begins for Nebraska."

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