Dzuris still hitting the camps

Ross Dzuris from Plattsmouth (Nebr.) has been active when it comes to the summer camps. Dzuris has been to three and there are three more to go potentially. Dzuris has yet to pick up his first scholarship offer, but he does have a walk-on opportunity in Lincoln that he could choose. What are his thoughts on that opportunity?

Ross Dzuris is a tight end/defensive end prospect from Plattsmouth (Nebr.). The 6-foot-3 and 235-pound Dzuris hit one camp after leaving Nebraska and has been working out with his team ever since.

"After Nebraska I went to Friday Night Lights at Kansas and camp with my team," Dzuris said. "I thought that I did pretty good at Kansas, but they said they don't have a lot of spots in this year's class; kind of like Nebraska."

Dzuris will be back out on the camp trail starting later this week and then again the next two weeks after that. "I am going to South Dakota State on July 14th this week. I get to Iowa State on July 22nd and possibly Kansas State on July 30th."

Dzuris had a good camp at Nebraska early in the month of June. He said that he had a chance to talk to the Nebraska coaches after the camp and while they don't have an offer for him now they did present an opportunity.

"I had a chance to talk to the Nebraska coaches after the camp was over and they said that there wasn't an offer for me right now. They told me to keep working hard and you never know what would happen.

"I did get offered a spot to walk-on and Nebraska likes me on both sides of the football. They like me as either a tight end or a defensive end."

The opportunity to walk-on at Nebraska was an honor and it's something that Dzuris says he will consider. He's hoping for an offer though, but there is also the academic route that could get him a scholarship.

"I am really looking for offers, but the walk-on spot is a great opportunity. I am going to try and get a regent's scholarship and that would help me make my decision to walk-on at Nebraska."

The sixth camp for Dzuris actually took place before Nebraska. He went to Wyoming for a camp and was told that the Wyoming staff was going to evaluate all campers and that he should be hearing from them after camp.

"I went to Wyoming before I went to Nebraska. They told me that they were going to get back with me following the camp, but I haven't heard back from them yet."

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