Husker Morning Donuts (7-20-11)

What are some of the hot topics this morning? Come inside to find out.

Donut No. 1:
If you missed Munson's little blub on Greg McMullen last night, you need to read it. Click Here

Bryan will have more later this morning on the subject, but it sounds like he's all "N".

The best part, much like Michael Rose a couple of months, he's going from committed guy, with question marks from fans and media, to verbal commitment recruiting others.

McMullen told Munson that Vincent Valentine needed to jump on board, because there are only so many seats on the bus. Definitely worth a read later this morning.

Donut No. 2:
The Lincoln Journal Star is reporting Darin Erstad's contract will be $160,000 this season. The deal has yet to be finalized, but it will put him in the upper tier of Big Ten baseball coaches.

It's not like Erstad needs the money. He made an estimated $40 million plus over 14 seasons in the Big Leagues.

"Anybody that is looking at this place has to say, there is a pretty good commitment at Nebraska to baseball. They put there dollars in there and it's a good place," said Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne shortly before Erstad was hired. We guess he was right.

The best part in all of this is Erstad donated $1 million dollars to the school's athletic department in 1994. The gift was for the Memorial Stadium improvement project, but in a way it feels like he's getting paid with his own money.

Donut No. 3:
Big Red Report is making strides with juco guard Anthony Hubbard, who was last released from his scholarship at Iowa last week. If you don't know the story, go HERE!

Hubbard originally said in a statement, "I plan to work with my junior college coach and family to select another school perhaps closer to home. Home is Virginia, but it looks like it's a possibility he could even be playing farther from home.

Big Red Report sources have indicated there is a strong chance Nebraska could land the 26-year old junior college guard. The junior spent almost four years in prison after a felony robbery conviction when he was 18.

Big Red Report says we are making progress because...Hubbard accepted our friend request on Facebook. I know, nothing to get too serious about, but he's not taking our calls right now. I wonder why? wrote last night Hubbard was kicked off the Hawkeyes roster and the two sides mutually decided to make the transition smooth.

Donut No. 4:
Could this be the day the NFL Lockout finally ends? I'm not a huge NFL guy, I covered the Dallas Cowboys for the last three seasons, but just could never get into it like college football.

Supposedly only a few things remain unsettled, like both the players and owners have to vote on the deal they have in place and they must finalize a few minor details.

I can't help to think about the guys who were drafted and their lives put on hold because of the millionaires fighting the billionaires (it really is more complicated than that). Huskers like Eric Hagg, Prince Amukamara, Roy Helu, Alex Henery, Niles Paul, Dejon Gomes, and Keith Williams could all be about to start their professional careers.

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