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Arguably the month of July is the most boring time when it comes to covering recruiting. There's not a lot going on. Summer camps have ended. The season is a month or so away. But, this July there are some results to show from this very slow part of the year and things could get very interesting when official visits come around in the fall.

All has been quiet on the recruiting front, or so we thought. The month that really lies between the end of the last Nebraska football camp has typically been the time of the year that the Nebraska staff has off before going to work for the next 11 months.

And let's be real it's really the next seven months or so where some weeks could be 60, 70 or 80 hour weeks depending on what's going on and what you technically call part of the job. The time off is far less than there is time on the job. It's the busiest time of the year.

So you can understand the time off. It's the quiet before the storm. It's usually this time of year that recruiting prospects seem to leave off Nebraska from their list of favorites. It's a time of year that you wonder why a player doesn't make a trip to see Lincoln.

This is the year that you won't be wondering why for either one of those scenarios.

Recently players have started to trim their lists due in large part of a process that they must start to get their hands around, but also based on getting out there and taking trips and also on the efforts of the staffs that are recruiting them. It's clear from this list, because none of the following players have visited Nebraska yet, but the Huskers managed to make their latest "final" list.

Reggie Daniels, DB, Chandler (Ariz.) Hamilton – The Huskers recently made his list of top eight.

Anthony Alford, QB/WR/ATH, Petal (Miss.) – Nebraska made this dual-sport standout's list of six.

Aziz Shittu, DT, Atwater (Calif.) Buhach Colony – This five-star recently trimmed his list to a top eight with the Huskers on it.

Joshua Garnett, OL, Puyallup (Wash.) – The #1 rated OG in the nation by put Nebraska on his top 15.

Granted, Nebraska isn't going to get all of those players that recently trimmed their list. In fact, Nebraska might not get any, but there is a reason why Nebraska is on there in the first place. Through the summer the recruits aren't taking time off. Social media networks and emails are still going back and forth through the recruits and the coaches and Nebraska this year is on top of their game.

It's really the efforts of the staff through this down time before things will start ramp up for the season where Nebraska will look back at the class for 2012 and realize that was time well spent. And there is more to feel good about than just making some cuts on some key players' lists.

Nebraska is actually in a situation to host at least five players that I have noted before the end of the month of July. Again, all of these players are highly sought after recruits that for some the trip to Nebraska is anything but "on the way" to somewhere else or close to where they are from.

Vincent Valentine, DT, Edwardsville (Ill.) – Wants to visit Nebraska before the end of the month.

Greg McMullen, DE, Akron (Ohio) Hoban Archbishop – Nebraska commit, might visit same weekend as Valentine.

Evan Goodman, OL, Lakeland – In a recent interview with, Goodman said a trip to Lincoln in July was likely.

Joe Robinson, LB, Temecula (Calif.) Chapparal – Was trying to get in last weekend, would like to make it in by the end of the month.

Jordan Diggs, DB, Cape Coral (Flor.) Island Coast – Was unable to make it in this past weekend as well, wants to get there in July.

There's a lot to say about this time of year and typically it's not about recruiting. It's the nature of the beast. It's evident though that there has been plenty going on behind the scenes that just doesn't get reported on.

And while people will start looking forward to the season in the coming weeks there will be plenty to pay attention to over the coming weeks. Be sure and stay tuned to for all of the latest happenings related to Nebraska football recruiting.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years, covering recruiting and football. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine
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