Fastest man in the state?

It seems that every time that Ty Betka attends a football camp that he comes away with an award. For anyone that thought that one time and one 4.4 time might be a fluke, think again. Betka has done it over and over again. That was until TCU last week. After TCU he could finally say that he didn't run a was faster.

Ty Betka from Superior (Nebr.) is doing what he needs to do to turn some heads. You have to turn them quick to see him though because he's usually running at a fast rate of speed.

"I won the fastest man at the National Underclassmen Combine before Nebraska with a 4.47," Betka said. "I won the fastest man competition at Nebraska in the first session too.

"After that I won the fastest man competition at the Ultimate 100 Combine in Indianapolis, Ind. As a result I was invited to the Top Prospect Combine at Oklahoma this weekend."

Betka has consistently ran in the 4.4s. He runs one, they put the clock on him again to be sure and he runs another. It's almost like the sun rising every day. That was until last week at TCU.

"I was in Texas recently, last Friday and Saturday, for the TCU football camp. That Saturday I ran a 4.38. That is easily my best time yet."

The camps and the combines are generating interest that could turn into an offer at some point the future. Betka said that one school seems to be recruiting him the hardest right now.

"At this point the most interested school in me seems to be Cornell. My dad and I sat down with the head coach and the recruiting coordinator for a talk. After that we took a tour of the facilities there."

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