Big Ten Media Days: Predicted Hot Topics

In less than a week, the local and national media for all 12 Big Ten teams will flock to Chicago for the conference media days. What can we expect?

In less than a week, the local and national media for all 12 Big Ten teams will flock to Chicago for the conference media days. As a journalist, it's the time of year we transition from summer to fall coverage.

Media days have the potential to be hit or miss. Every year major story-lines come from the two-day event, but not always are the topics worthy of major headlines.

This year, Chicago will be buzzing with multiple story-lines. Check out some of things expected to be hot topic items next week.

Big Red Report's Big Ten Media Days Story-lines:

1.) Ohio State's mess - It would be interesting to see how many times opposing coaches and players are asked about the Ohio State scandal over the two days (even more interesting to get Bo Pelini's take on it). In a year where the talk should be about a conference championship game and Nebraska's arrival, Luke Fickell will be the most quoted coaches from the event.

2.) Nebraska is here - Pelini isn't a coach that needs his team in the spotlight. Any other normal year and Nebraska would be the talk of the town. Now, they take a backseat to the Buckeyes. Somewhere Pelini is smiling about this.

3.) Conference Championship game - Not only will questions about the location be asked, but the media will want coaches take on how they prepare for the game and ask questions like, "does Bo Pelini have an advantage since he's coming off two Big 12 Championship games."

4.) Delany's conference spiel - He had a chance last year, but Big Ten boss Jim Delany will once again get to comment on how the addition of Nebraska makes the Big Ten conference as strong as anyone else in college football.

5.) Joe Pa - Every year he's asked if he's done coaching. Every year is answer is nearly the same. "I'm feeling really good. And as long as I enjoy it, I'll continue to coach. Unless I don't think I can do a good job or anybody else doesn't think I can do the job." Could Penn State ever really fire him?

6.) Does Russell Wilson change the conference - This should actually be higher. Expectations are at a all-time high in Madison. Unfair? Possibly just because Wilson won't have much time to bond and connect with his new teammates.

7.) New coaches - While everyone talks about Ohio State's new coach, Michigan's new man Brady Hoke sits back in the shadows. This will also be the first media days for Indiana's Kevin Wilson and Minnesota's Jerry Kill.

8.) Top QB in the conference? - Is it Northwestern's Dan Persa or Michigan's Denard Robinson. Two solid quarterbacks, two quarterbacks who are polar opposites.

The potential is there for the 2011 Big Ten Media Days to be one of the best ever. Make sure to not be far from Big Red Report on Thursday and Friday as we cover the event from Chicago.

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