Almost there

It's never fun when you see the light at the end of the tunnel only to have it go from being very close to further away. This is exactly what Daimion Stafford has had to endure. He's had to stay at Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) Chaffey JC through the summer, miss summer classes at Nebraska and more importantly miss all of the summer workouts. That appears like it's about to change.

Today is a big day for Daimion Stafford. It marks the last time that he will technically be a junior college student. In just a matter of hours he will have taken the last test he needs to take before becoming academically eligible for Nebraska.

"I actually take my last final in a couple of hours," Stafford said. "I am just waiting to take the test today. After that, I am done."

Stafford says that after the test is over he will get his grade and begin the process of really getting to Nebraska. That will start with a fax and a phone call.

"After the final is over with, I am don. I need to get my transcript faxed in and give Coach Carl Pelini a call to get further instructions about coming to Nebraska."

Stafford's team mate, defensive end Joe Carter, actually had some additional academic work to finish up before getting to Lincoln. He was able to leave sooner than Stafford though and the two have talked since Carter go to Lincoln.

"I actually talked to Joe a couple of weeks ago, right when he got there. He said that he really likes it there. He's taking classes so I was waiting until today to call him and hopefully he wouldn't be busy."

Last season at Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) Chaffey JC, Stafford had 62 total tackles, including 35 solo stops and added three tackles for loss, five interceptions and six pass breakups.

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