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One thing is for sure, Darin Erstad isn't waiting on anything when it comes to recruiting. He's been out on the trail and has come away with commitments; commitments that according to the plan fit what Nebraska needs. The Nebraska staff is looking for speed and aggressiveness. That's exactly what a player like Jorden Mossey brings to the Huskers.

Jorden Mossey is in the last part of his summer. He's playing baseball with some very key tournaments coming up. He's also registering to attend college at Nebraska this fall after committing to play baseball.

"I am playing legion ball right now," Mossey said. "I was out in Kansas last week. I am here for this weekend and I am also getting registered for Nebraska.

"The district tournament is this weekend. It started actually on Thursday. We are hosting state next weekend and regional is in Billings, MT after that."

It's been a bit of a whirlwind for Mossey, but it's something that he knows will slow down in the coming weeks. He knows who he will be rooming with, when classes begin and when practice begins after that.

"I know that Clinton Urban will be my room mate. I get to Nebraska on August 20th. The dorms open that day, class that Monday then I guess practice starts two weeks after that."

There was some dialogue between Mossey and Nebraska some time back. One of the reasons the Huskers got familiar with Mossey was because of one of his team mates.

"I spoke with Nebraska a little bit prior to committing. I played with Brandon Nimmo so they were recruiting him. They had a little interest in me a couple of years ago."

That recruiting attention died down though; until Nebraska hired Darin Erstad. Erstad came right after Mossey and went out to Montana to watch him play.

"Getting recruited by Coach Darin Erstad started maybe back in late June. I was in Billings and they flew out to Billings to see me play.

"While they were there I hit a home run. Next at bat I fouled a ball off that hit me in the eye. I went to the doctor for my eye, vision was 20/60 after that, but is back to 20/20 now."

After his vision returned to normal Mossey went to Nebraska for a visit. The visit went well and shortly after the trip he committed to Nebraska.

"I took a visit after that tournament to Nebraska. I loved the visit to Nebraska. I took some time off from the process after that, got out of town and thought about it.

"After some time I just knew what I wanted to do. It was the best situation for me at Nebraska with Coach Erstad and Coach Will Bolt."

Nebraska wasn't being shy with Mossey when it came to what they were looking for. It's a situation that Mossey believes that he fits in and wants to be a part of when it comes to being at the plate and on the base paths.

"In one of our first conversations their first words were ‘we need athletes bad'. Team speed was a big thing that they wanted to improve. Coach Bolt is going to run the offense and he's going to go.

"He's going to be aggressive out there at the plate and on the base paths. Speed kills in baseball. It's just another weapon that you need to have to be successful."

Mossey has out up solid numbers when it comes to his speed and ability to steal bases the past two years. "I stole 44 bases last year and I already have 39 this year. Nebraska is looking for guys that are going to put good swings on the ball and guys that can run."

Mossey is really a middle infielder with the ability to play basically all of the infield positions. He has really played short stop and second base the last four seasons.

"I play short stop on my summer team and I can play anywhere in the infield though. I have played short stop the last two years. The two years before that I was playing second base."

There was a slight concussion issue for Mossey and he believes that probably scared off the MLB and division one schools. Nevertheless, he was heading to college to play baseball if Nebraska came knocking or not.

"I didn't have any division one offers. I am really not sure how that happened. I could have gone to basically any junior college I wanted to in America.

"I was heading to South Mountain Junior College in Phoenix. I really loved it there too. It was only about five miles away from Arizona State."

The fact of the matter is four years in division one baseball or a combination of junior college and DI doesn't matter a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. Still, going to Nebraska was a better opportunity because of coaching and the situation.

"It was really about a better opportunity at Nebraska. To play for Coach Erstad and Coach Bolt is an honor. They are trying to turn it around at Nebraska.

"I really hate to lose. It's a responsibility of ours to bring this program back around. To say that you are a Husker, there is great pride in that.

"On my visit I got a good understanding about the people at Nebraska. They people at Nebraska aren't there for themselves, they are there for you."

One of the things that really convinced Mossey about the opportunity at Nebraska was the experience that a former first pick in the MLB had to share with him about his time at Nebraska.

"Coach Erstad told me that when he showed up at Nebraska that he showed up as a little boy and left as a man. That's more than just about playing baseball at Nebraska."

Flying into Omaha to see Lincoln is convenient in a way when it comes to recruiting and baseball since the College World Series is held in Omaha. Conveniently the path from the airport to Lincoln went right past the stadium.

"Coach Erstad picked me up at the airport in Omaha and as we drove to Lincoln we drove by the College World Series stadium in Omaha. He said, ‘You come here, this is where we're going to go'."

Mossey is 5-foot-10 and 170-pounds and is being looked at to lead off for Nebraska. This summer he's batting .504 with 38 RBIs and 29 extra-base hits through 39 games. Mossey has posted a .389 career average with 52 doubles, 14 triples, 14 homers and 170 RBIs over three-plus seasons.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years, covering recruiting and football. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine
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