Crick in the corner

We didn't learn much on Big Ten Media Day No. 1, but we did learn this, Jared Crick has called out Ndamukong Suh.

One of the best times at Big Ten Media Days is trying to catch a player or coach when he's standing around - possibly in the corner hiding from the media. It's hard to find the opportunity, but can be done.

It almost happened to me today. Just as I was approaching my pray, defensive tackle Jared Crick, a couple other media members felt they needed to jump in.

It's fine, I understand and do the same thing, it's how the media works.

I wanted to ask how Crick is getting ready for new blocking schemes in the Big Ten, wondering if he had seen anything that no team in the Big 12 ran?

Instead, we heard from Michigan State reporter, asking Crick to describe his game for people who don't know who he is.

"I don't think I'm unique. (laughter) I'm not like Suh was," said Crick. "I'm not super strong, I'm not super big like some of these defensive tackles, but I like to use my speed to make plays. It's what I rely on. I'm not the biggest or the strongest, but you are going to be tired before I am. I'm going to wear them down. I don't really compare myself to anyone else. I like to play my own game."

Crick's answer was fine, except he mentioned Suh, so I knew where the topic was going.

"I talk to him everyday, if he's not busy or I'm not busy. He will hit me up and ask me what's going on," said Crick. "We have stayed close, even though he's in Detroit and I'm still in Lincoln. We are still really close friends."

Penn State Reporter: What type of football advice does he give you and how much can you still learn from him?

"He doesn't really give me football advice. It's not like that. He knows I know the ropes. We talk about life," said the preseason All-American. "He's got a lot more money than me, so he can give me financial advice. (laughter) Other than that, we don't talk football. We get away from football."

Of course, Crick had to be also asked about Suh's new dance video.

"I dance so much better than Suh. Suh thinks he can sign and dance, but he can't. We never have had a dance off, but maybe one of these days. I didn't see the video, was it brutal?"

Nebraska fans can be the judge.

Josh Harvey has covered college football and recruiting for Fox Sports & since 2008. He is now the Publisher of Big Red Report, covering Nebraska athletics.
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