Bullard sets up Nebraska official

You can just look at the Nebraska schedule and understand which games will be good ones for recruits to see. The obvious one is Ohio State on October 8th. Jonathan Bullard saw the game on the schedule too and with a 7:00PM CST start it makes it possible for Bullard to leave on Saturday morning to get to the game. What is Bullard looking forward to about the trip Nebraska?

Jonathan Bullard has one official visit set up. The 6-foot-4 and 250-pound defensive lineman from Shelby (N.C.) Crest said that he doesn't have any byes to take advantage of during the season, but a late kickoff will allow him to travel that day to see the game.

"Yes sir I set up a visit," Bullard said. "I am going to Nebraska on October 8th for the Ohio State game. I don't have a bye, we actually don't have any byes this year, but the game starts at 7:00 that night so I can make it."

Bullard says that there are some things that he is very interested in getting a closer look at while on his official visit. "Nebraska has great tradition overall and for defensive lineman. I really want to experience a game day in Lincoln."

Bullard has been in pretty consistent contact with the Nebraska staff particularly the defensive ends coach. Bullard said that another thing that he is looking forward to on that trip is getting a chance to talk fave to face.

"Me and Coach J.P. talk a lot. He's been to the school once to see me during the evaluation period, but I haven't had a chance to talk to him in person really. That is what this visit is for.

"The first few times that he spoke on the phone we talked about how I fit in at Nebraska and how they planned to use me on the field. After that though our conversations have been mostly about personal things and we have built a good relationship."

The season is coming fact and Bullard said that today was the first day for him and his team to hit the field for two a days. "Workouts are going pretty good. We actually just started our two a days today (Monday). I have to head back to the school again tonight at 6:00 for the second practice."

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