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The summer is just about over and for many it's disappointing, but for the football players it's a chance to get back on the field. Paul Thurston says that he is in his last couple of weeks of summer before fall camp opens up. It was a busy summer filled with lots of trips, a commitment to Nebraska and also getting ready for his senior year.

Nebraska commitment Paul Thurston is in the last couple of weeks of his remaining summer. That's OK though, the 6-foot-5 and 270-pound Thurston says that he and his team have been working all summer.

"We have one week left and then a week off then we start," Thurston said. "Right now we are lifting in the weight room and then we head out onto the field and get some light practices together, just the team."

Thurston has had some personal things that I wanted to do this summer to get ready for his senior year. After a lot of hard work he's pretty happy with the results that he has to show for that hard work.

"I wanted to get stronger and I think that I accomplished that pretty well this summer. The second was getting out there, working on technique and footwork. Those were some things that I wanted to accomplish.

"There are still some things that I need to work on and accomplish, but I think that for the most part I am pretty satisfied with how things have done this summer."

Another thing that Thurston accomplished this summer was getting a college decision behind him. That was part of the plan. Thurston knew that there was some time to set aside to it this summer, but at a point he wouldn't want it to be an issue.

"That was definitely something that I was planning on doing. I didn't want to spend all summer focusing on trips. I wanted to make my decision and get back to work.

"And things have calmed down. Things are definitely quieter since I committed to Nebraska. It was definitely something that I didn't want to put up with all year."

After committing to Nebraska Thurston has seen things calm down about bit. There are a few less emails and letters for him to sort through. Still, there are some that asked if they could continue to recruit him.

"For the most part everyone has. Colorado, UCLA and a few others asked if it would be alright to continue to send me letters and stay in contact. I had no problem with that. They haven't been pursuing me as hard as they were."

To Nebraska from where Thurston lives is about a five and a half to six hour drive. He has been comparing his schedule to Nebraska's with his coaches trying to decide on a good official visit weekend.

"I will definitely be taking an official visit out there. I have been talking to my coaches about our two schedules. It will probably be a night game because that will be easiest with my games.

"Ohio State is a night game and that is a game that my coaches have been talking to me about. That would be a good one to get to."

Arvada (Colo.) West got a hard lesson last year and Thurston knows it. He knows that you can have talent and not play up to your potential if you don't play as a team. He's been focusing on that this summer with this year's team.

"Last year we kind of had a disappointing year. We were pegged to go deeper into the playoffs than what we did. We had a lot of talent and returning players.

"This year we got back into the weight room and got back to work. I think that we have to work on playing as a team and not depend on just having talent."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years, covering recruiting and football. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine
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