Summer visit still in the plans?

Joe Robinson from Temeculah (Calif.) Chapparal had some last summer visit plans that included a trip to Lincoln, Nebr. There were some problems with that weekend though and Robinson was going to try and make it back to Nebraska later in the month of July. It's August now though so will this linebacker be able to make it in for a visit?

Joe Robinson from Temeculah (Calif.) Chapparal says that recruiting hasn't slowed down a lot this summer. Now though with fall camp around the corner it's time to change gears and get focused on the season and his team.

"Things are going good in the recruiting process," Robinson said. "I am done right now. I just don't have the time and I am trying to get focused again on football and my team."

Robinson has run out of time on the summer so he will not be taking anymore trips before his official visits. Robinson also said there will be no official visits until after the season has ended.

"I am going to wait to take any official visits until after my season is complete. I just want to stay focused through the season. I will have to wait to visit Nebraska until the end of my season."

There are no official visits set for Robinson at the moment, but he did say that there are five schools standing out to him right now. "I would say Arizona, Nebraska, SMU, San Diego State and Florida would be the schools I would be interested in visiting right now."

There is no reason to take Robinson at anything other than his word when it comes to his visits. Sometimes a player can't take a trip because he hasn't taken the ACT or SAT or would like to improve their test score. That is not the case with Robinson.

"I am qualified from my SAT. I scored a 1420 in all three sections and a 1030 in the two. The choice to wait until after the end of the season is just because I don't want to be interfered with."

Robinson's senior year will be about stepping up. Last year his Chapparal team was knocked out early in the playoffs. After learning from the leaders on the team last year it's his turn to be the guy this year.

"I feel confident about it. We have a lot of starters back. We lost in the first round of the playoffs last year. This year though I have to step up and be a leader because the people before me taught me how to do it well and it's my turn."

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