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There might only be room in the recruiting class for one or two more offensive lineman to go along with current commitment Paul Thurston from Arvada (Colo.) West. While there aren't a lot of recruits to talk about that are holding Nebraska offers as offensive lineman the players that you can talk about are considering Nebraska very highly just like this recruit.

Orlando (Flor.) Jones hits the field tomorrow and Duaron Williams ponders doing it for the last time in high school. The time to him has flown by since he did it the first time as a freshman.

"We start tomorrow morning," Williams said. "It's unreal to me. It seems like just yesterday I was coming in as a freshman and tomorrow it will be my last time."

Williams has been an integral part of the past three years at Jones and will be again this year. As a starter since his freshman year he's matured in leaps and bounds through the years. This summer though was all about doing the little things right.

"After being a three year starter, and playing in one of the toughest classes and states, I was really just trying to get better at the little things. I wanted to work on my hands and other little things that you don't think about."

Jones lost to the eventual state champs last year in the playoffs. This year they try to find people to step up after losing 17 seniors, but have the only offensive line in the district with five starting seniors.

"Last year we finished 10-2 and we lost to Cocoa, Flor. who went on to win state. This year, Cocoa is in our district so we will play them in the regular season first. So, our season is going to be tough.

"We also lost 17 seniors from last year's team. Right now we are the only team in the district that has an offensive line that is made up entirely of offensive lineman. So, we are the strength of our team."

Williams finds himself in a unique situation. Four players alongside him are also seniors. He says though that there are ways to become a leader among leaders and it goes beyond your individual performance.

"I am the only guy that will be a four year starter on that line and actually on the team, period. I have had to show more as I have matured and got older. I try to be that one that steps above, but more than that I am the one picking the others up around me."

There have been three schools this summer that have been fortunate enough to host Williams. That being said he's looking at his official visits now and two schools seem to have official visits sewn up with Williams, but not scheduled yet.

"I went down to camp at Miami, up to Rutgers and also out to the Nike camp in Oregon. I have been thinking about my official visits, but I haven't set any up yet.

"I know that I want to take an official visit out to Nebraska. I love the program that they have out there. I would also like to get out there to talk to the coaches and see the campus.

"I also want to get out to Arkansas and see them as well. They are a strong SEC team and they are doing some big things up there so I want to get up there to see them too."

There are at least four other schools that Williams is currently looking at as possible schools for those last three official visit spots. "I would say that I am also considering Mississippi State, Rutgers or Louisville. Those are possible schools. Maybe Colorado State too. Nothing is for sure."

A recent list came out for Williams that stated that he had a top six. Williams says though that he was misunderstood and that list was the six schools that are recruiting him the hardest right now.

"That top six isn't my list of favorites. That list is the list of schools that are recruiting me the hardest. Those are Nebraska, Arkansas, Miami, Rutgers, Mississippi State and South Florida."

Williams isn't sure when he will start to schedule official visits or if he will even take any visits during the season. He's in the process of going through all of that now. "I am still trying to figure all of that out. I am sure that I will know about that over the next couple of weeks.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years, covering recruiting and football. His work can also be seen in Scout.com's SuperPrep Magazine
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