Notebook: Day 3 of Nebraska Practices

Day three of Nebraska practices are in the books and the media was allowed to talk to players and offensive coordinator Tim Beck for the first time this season.

Today was Tim Beck, Nebraska offensive coordinator day. It's the first time the media has had the opportunity to talk with the new coordinator since the fall.

Beck Raw Video

Opening Beck Statement:

"We are coming along. The guys are doing well, really well. The retention has been well. Especially for the older guys. We have a lot of young guys right now and we are trying to get them up to speed. We were probably a little slower in the spring, our expectations are very high for these guys. I have been pleased offensively for the first three practices."

Don't crown them yet:

Tim Beck has been pleased with the young freshman running back trio. "Those guys are all fast, they are all competing, and I love their work ethic."

But it's not time to crown them just yet, said running back's coach Ron Brown.

"Nobody is saying they are ready to go. (Laughter) They are not there yet at all," said Brown when asked if he has ever had this many incoming players ready to go at a position. "They are talented and it's my job to get them ready. But we have only had three days of practice.

"There is still a lot to learn and a lot to get done. No positions have been formulated yet. I want to see them in action."

More on the three running backs tomorrow.

Music will help down the road

When posting practice video this weekend, members were asking if I embedded audio into the video or if it was coming from practice.

Well, like we said in our practice report, it was coming from practice. The thought is it will help the offensive when faced with tough road game situations – especially the wide receivers.

"It's been great. In a lot of ways, it's gone better than we expected," said Nebraska wide receivers coach Rich Fisher. "When you have the loud music, you really have to focus in on terms of hearing the quarterback, seeing the checks, understanding exactly what I'm (the receiver) is supposed to be doing. We haven't had a lot of offsides – I think the communication has been good. I'm glad we are doing it. Hopefully it will benefit us when we are in a high pressure loud stadium situation.

Bubba watch 2011

A lot has been made about Peter Gammon's tweets this morning, indicating Starling was threatned by Pelini.

We chalk this stuff up to the social media world blowing up something that really isn't a story.

The Lincoln Journal Star tonight indicated that after talking with Bo briefly today, he said Gammon's tweets were untrue - that the coaching staff and family were on the same page.

When something significant happens in his decision, Big Red Report will report it. But until then, we are going to take a night off talking about at best the 3rd string quarterback.

Ciante Evans (Picture By: Josh Harvey)

Corner opposite of Dennard

More to come tomorrow, but as expected it appears Ciante Evans has taken the job by the reins to this point. He was the first player secondary coach Corey Raymond pointed out post practice.

"He's a heady guy. He's very knowledge about the position. That is a good thing. It means he was taught well – it's a tribute to a coach when he was younger."

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